Accidents continue in Malawi: Six die in road accident


Six people have died while ten others have sustained injuries after the tyre of their minibus burst in Dowa district on Sunday, Malawi24 can report.

According to Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Richard Kaponda, the accident involved a Nissan Caravan registration number NN 7257 which was coming from the direction of Lilongwe going towards Salima with sixteen passengers on the board.

road accident“The car was driven by James who was popularly known as Kaka and upon reaching at Katengeza Village in Dowa, the rear tyre burst resulting into the driver applying emergency brakes,” he said.

The car then overturned before resting. Due to the impact, the driver and a female passenger died on the spot while other four died on their way to hospital.

Among the ten injured passengers,   one person sustained a deep cut on the head while another one sustained a fractured left leg.  The other eight passengers sustained minor injuries.



  1. Kod Tima Bus Nde Tizingogwa Tikaphulika Tyre? Bwanj Ma Driver Amakanika Kumapanga Control? Bwanj Magalimoto Ena Samagwa Or Aphulike Tyre? Kulibwino Ma Minbus Azingonyamla Katundu Magalimoto Akuluakulu Ndio Azinyamla Anthu, R I P

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  3. Sad my condolences to the families who lost their loved ones(R.I P) and may God almighty lay his healing hands to the injured people

  4. Apolisi ndinu mukuphesa wanthu, too much corruption , allowing unworthy cars on de road in exchange of bribes, ndakwiya nanu,,,,

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    1. This page is talking about Accident not what u r posting.if you want to post this just open your page maybe will love it not here.Malawi are crying now for losing our brother’s & sister while u are posting this shit.go to hell

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