18 October 2016 Last updated at: 7:59 AM

Bizarre! Malawian man has sex with a dog to get rich

Malawi Police officers in the commercial city of Blantyre are keeping in custody a 26 year-old man for having sex with his dog in order to get rich, Malawi24 can confirm.

According to Blantyre police, the suspect, Joseph Robert, committed the crime on Thursday, October 13 in Sigerege in the city.

The police said the suspect is married to 29 year-old Miriam Chibaya who has been suspecting her husband to have been having carnal knowledge of the female dog when she is not around.


Man was ‘sleeping with’ a dog to get rich.( File image)

On this day, the woman went to a maize mill leaving her husband at home but unfortunately she forgot to carry a basin to and she returned home.

Upon arrival at home, she looked for her husband in the house and he could not be seen.

She kept waiting for her husband and few minutes later she saw him coming from her landlord’s toilet.

To the surprise of the wife, a dog was following the man while cleaning its vagina with its tongue.

The wife later realized that the husband was having sex with the dog and the existence of some sperms on dog’s vagina confirmed her fears.

Later the woman referred matter to the landlord who advised her to report the issue to the police in the area.

She later reported the matter to Mitsidi police unit on Saturday and the man was later arrested.

When interviewed, he admitted to have had such carnal knowledge of the dog saying he was complying with the requirements advised by the herbalist for him to get rich by rituals.

Meanwhile, the suspect is behind bars at Chilomoni Police waiting for a court appearance.

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