Peacock assures farmers of easy access to seeds 

Chris Loka

As the time is drawing closer to growing season, Peacock Seeds Company has assured farmers in the country that they will access their seeds without sweating and at affordable prices.

Speaking on the sidelines of a district agriculture fair in Salima on Thursday, Peacock Seeds corporate affairs assistant manager Chris Loka said their company puts the welfare of farmers at heart saying it wants to take seeds closer to their respective areas.

Chris Loka
Chris Loka made the assurance.

“As a company, we are in the process of recruiting and training agro-dealers who are key in terms of delivering our seed varieties to the farmers, as of now we are half way,” he said.

Loka added that apart from accessing Peacock seeds in agro-shops like ATC, Kulima gold, and Chipiku plus, farmers will also be getting seeds using coupons.

He then encouraged farmers in the country to buy peacock seeds saying they are best known on the market for being drought tolerant, disease resistant and high yielding whilst being adapted to local communities.

“We encourage Malawians to buy our seeds which are certified and trusted, the main line of our seed supply is the maize hybrid seed peacock 10, CAP9001 and MH30 which are drought tolerant, good disease resistant and of medium maturity (120-130 days),” he said.

Peacock seeds is a Malawian owned company which is involved in seed growing, processing and distribution.

The company is a reliable supplier of assorted certified legume seeds like Nyambitira beans, Namtupa, Kholophete, pigeon peas, groundnuts, cowpeas, and has a new unveiled Kilombero rice variety which guarantee farmers of the quality and purity of the produce .

Peacock also distributes discount vouchers that growers will use to buy peacock seeds varieties of cereals and legumes at a discount of up to 10 percent.