Amuna Misso the conqueror!


Every job well done deserves appreciation and every artist who creates art that is unique deserves a pat on the back, just as Amuna Misso does as he rules urban charts with his Islamic Swag video.

Samson Chitsamba is the young talented rapper who came up with the concept of the song Islamic Swag in 2012. Four years later, 2016, video for the song which was produced under the auspices of Malawi24 has made it to the top of Matindi TV street vibe chart.

The rapper shared with this publication yesterday as to what motivated him to come up with such a nice piece of art.

A shot from Islamic swag video.

According to Amuna Misso, the Malawi environment in which the youth are actors largely inspired production of the art.

“What made me think about this idea was how the youth have drifted away from the required culture and beliefs that are present in our communities as well as religious gatherings. It was touching to see how many Muslims fail to stand up for their faith when they are producing their art, especially in the modern rap genre,” said Misso.

He added: “But as time went by, I decided to take that idea out to the world. I talked to a friend of mine; Blista who did the chorus and second verse for Islamic swag, he came up with the instrumental and we also took another friend, Spar Key, who produced what we have as the Islamic Swag song today.”

This up and coming artist has not only amazed us with his creative mind and outstanding lyrics but has also went against all odds to astonish us with his very own production (MRB) on this song’s audio.

After releasing the song’s audio, Malawi24 was interested in being a part of this creative project and didn’t hesitate on helping the artist by taking him on board as a sponsored artist and funding the shooting of the song’s music video.

The video is a vivid presentation of what Islam is all about. It was directed by Amuna Misso himself alongside Patel Mizeck. He attributes all this to hard work and confidence to invest in his art.

“I believe those are the keys to prosperity as far as art is concerned. And an artist should be able to associate with fans. That’s the key to getting support,” the rapper advised.

So there you have it folks, the up and coming artist that has amazed many.

Feel free to check out the video here.

And get the audio version of this amazing song HERE.


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