27 September 2016 Last updated at: 6:16 AM

Silver Strikers keeping the most undisciplined player

Silver Strikers F.C  have been named to be the team keeping the player with the worst disciplinary record in the 2016 TNM Super League season

According to statistics that have been released, Silver’s Timothy Chitedze has been named to be the most undisciplined player as he has received eight yellow cards.


Silver Hold an undisciplined player.(File) (Credit: Silver Strikers-Facebook)

“Timothy Chitedze of Silver Strikers has the worst disciplinary record,” reads part of the report.

Overall in the league, 367 cards have been flashed with 18 of them being red cards while 349 yellow cards have been shown.

With just a month to wrap up the elite league season, the race is continuously travelling to tougher zone as it is still difficult to predict on who is to carry the season.

Following the tight race, teams have been lined up on indiscipline list with Mzuni football club being given 34 cards followed by Red Lions with 33 cards flashed to them.

EPAC Football club and MAFCO are the teams holding 31 cards each.

At the other end, minnows Dwangwa United and Maxi Bullets are the teams with the fewest cards as they have recorded 11 each.

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