21 September 2016 Last updated at: 6:49 AM

America falls in love with Giddes: fans want him to go back

Giddess Chalamanda

Giddess Chalamanda : America beckons again.

Malawi’s acoustic music icon Giddes Chalamanda has disclosed plans to go back to United States of America (USA) following invitation from fans.

Chalamanda said he is optimistic that he will travel to the USA for another music tour together with his wife Abiti Alafuledi.

In June, when he was leaving the country for USA, the 86 year-old musician said he was elated at the reality of travelling just like former President for Malawi Kamuzu Banda did.

The trip, dubbed the “Giddes Coming to America Tour”  saw the acoustic musician together with other artists holding several concerts in Atlanta, Washington DC, and Indiana, among other places in America.

The veteran musician also attended workshops and held lectures on Malawian music and culture.

Chalamanda’s US trip was funded from money made through initiatives spearheaded by a group of Malawians that included artists Edgar ndi Davis, Macdonald Chapalapata, and lawyer Gift Mwakhwawa.

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