Buffalo Soldier: Giddes arrives in US

Giddess Chalamanda

The long time dream for Malawi’s veteran musician Giddes Chalamanda that he will step his foot in America has finally materialized with the news that arguably’s Malawi’s oldest well-renowned musician has arrived in America.

Giddess Chalamanda
Giddess Chalamanda stepping on US soil.

Chalamanda arrived in the country in the company of the acoustic duo Edgar ndi Davis who have been with him in recent days.

In America, Chalamanda is expected to launch his latest album. Edgar ndi Davis will also launch theirs.

In the 1960s, Chalamanda released a song ‘Buffalo soldier’ in which he expressed his dream to visit America.

“To pass the boundary of Indiana…if I had much money, I will go to the America,” some parts of the Chalamanda’s song.

Ahead of his journey, a number of shows were organised and Malawians of goodwill supported the veteran artist for his dream to come true.



  1. Men with a human heart. Not to draw attention but we all know this is for real from the bottom of their heart. We salute u. U really deserve streets or other notable infrastructure named after u in our cities

  2. When God gives you a dream He never stop putting right people in place to help you reach that….God bless Edgar ndi Davies

  3. Edgar en Davies Ambuye apitiridze kukuchitirani ubwino pomwe mukumachotsapo ambuye aziikapo zambiri de only few can do this to our veteran musician.keep the fire burning guys always proud of u Tikukupemphelerani munyengo ziri zonse ambuye akhale nanu till we see u back home

  4. Bola osaiwala ufa ndi bonya, kulibetu msima uku.. kkkk. Nyc journey papa! Mumatha ndipo palibenso. We are proud of you!! Gud Lucky, all the best, make us proud.

  5. I personally thank all who made it that our dear grandpa should have his life dream come tru. This should also serve ad an inspiration to many people that one should never be tempted to giv up on his or her dream

  6. I personally thank all who made it that our dear grandpa should have his life dream come tru. This should also serve ad an inspiration to many people that one should never be tempted to giv up on his or her dream

  7. I salute you Edgar and Davis for the support and love you’ve shown to aGiddes. there r many tycoons in MW who like his songs but ignored his wish to go to America. and you with the little u have, have managed to take him to his dream land, asantesana buddies

  8. Govt need to recognise Edgar and Davies and put them in archives. Time has come that people who has achieved and put Malawi on Map,need to be named a street or a building in their respect to be remembered for years. Politicians should not be the only people honoured.After all most of them are corrupt.We should learn to love one another and in so doing we are raising our country up. Encourage those who are doing their best with their money.


  10. Mulungu wathu ndi wazatheka bwanji, sachedwa safulumira, God time is the the best, no matter what akalemba walemba basi, enjoy chegide in america.

  11. What lessons can we learn from him,hold on to what you believe in no matter what.dream on ,work on it till you achieve your goals

  12. A parent of malawi music industry mr chalamanda has taught a lesson of loving traditional tunes for the better malawi music art development hence putting Malawi on the grobal map

    1. Macmillan kkkkkk, nanga a Giddes wo tingati akayimba rock pop kapena m’bwiza, kapena tchopa. Kulitu ragga n dance hall plus hipop ku USA

  13. Keep it up Edgar n Davies. Malawi needs pple like u in decision making posts. God shud extremely bless u for making the oldmans dream to b a reality.

  14. Edgar and Davies this is incredible.God bless for taking care of this oldman.If we had a million people doing the same ,Malawi would have been somewhere. But Eee too much greedy people in Malawi.

  15. YES, if I have much money I have to go to America. Today you are there, a big hands to the veteran, G . Chalamanda.

  16. mulungu si Maga ine ndaziona ukakhala ndichikhulupiliro sachedwa ndipo safulumila amazakwanilisa malingaliro ako

  17. when he wz a young boy he wanted to go to america,,,,if i had alot of money i could have gone to America,,dont 4gt to sing dat song 4 those Americans,,buffalo soldier all over america

    1. everybody in america is very rich hausesi, hausesi, handrezi, handrezi. zabwino zonse munthu wamkulu. kawamenyereni english azunguwo. yanu ija. osaiwala ku indiana mukafikeko.

  18. Osaiwala kajaka Ine kwathu ndi ku Malawi kopha nsomba ndi mwala………….. Napolo wachabe. Enjoy your trip Papa

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