20 September 2016 Last updated at: 10:55 AM

Miracle money fuelling attacks on people with albinism – Presidential advisor

The Presidential advisor on religious affairs, Timothy Khoviwa, has lambasted proponents of miracle money as fuelling the attacks on people with albinism.

The advisor was quoted speaking at prayers that Pastors in Blantyre organised to preach against the rise in the attacks of people with albinism.

Speaking to the media on the side-lines of the event, Khoviwa said that the Church had the responsibility to protect people living with albinism from attacks. He also said that people should forget getting rich from other peoples’ parts or body tissues.

“The Bible says that we need to work. It is recorded that we should overcome the earth and work to feed ourselves. Paul the Apostle also said that we need to be working, not killing others,” he said.

Timothy Khoviwa

Timothy Khoviwa made the sentiments.

He however went a step ahead by hinting that the rise in the attacks of people with albinism could also be blamed on the Church.

“Churches these days are just focusing on the gospel of prosperity, this is very bad. This is making people think that they can just get money without working for it. Such things as miracle money, people think money will just come in their pockets. They drive people to do bad things,” he said.

Miracle money in Malawi is a brand associated with South African based self-acclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

A musician on his team, Armstrong who turned to Onesimus upon meeting the Bushiri touch, has a song titled Miracle Money.

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