17 September 2016 Last updated at: 5:25 AM

We will not miss Msonda – Uladi

Acting president of the People’s Party (PP) Uladi Mussa says the party will not be affected in any way due to the resignation of long serving spokesperson Ken Msonda.

According to Mussa, the party is still strong in all the four regions of the country despite losing some of its vital top officials on several occasions.

He added that as a person, Msonda has the right to join or quit any party as it is already stipulated in the country’s constitution.

Uladi Mussa

Mussa says PPnot moved with Msonda’s decision.

“In a multiparty system a person has the right to join a party or not. Nobody got tied up with ropes to be a member of a certain party forever, it’s up to the person to leave or not.

“We worry nothing with the departure of Mr Msonda because he is exercising his right. PP is still strong in all of four regions and in the party still, there are more people,” said Musa.

Msonda announced his resignation from being the party’s publicist as well as member on September 15 saying he would like to concentrate on other things.

But he claimed that he will be back again during the 2019 elections when he will contest as legislator for Rumphi East where he is expected to compete with PP’s vice president Kamlepo Kalua.

Meanwhile, Msonda has not disclosed which party he will join next claiming it is God who told him to join PP and it will be Him too who will tell him what to do next.

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