17 September 2016 Last updated at: 5:43 AM

Ndirande residents, police tussle in a night demo

…teargas used to disperse angry protesters

There were running battles last night between the Malawi Police and residents of Ndirande township in Blantyre who were demonstrating against persistent electricity blackouts that have hit the area lately.

As reported by Malawi24 last night, around 20:30 hours, the residents stormed the roads chanting songs demeaning the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi, accusing the electricity supplier of failing in its duties.

Angered by an unexplained three-day blackout, the residents further got surprised that Nyambade area has had normal lights.


Protesters hit the road.

According to some of the people a Malawi24 reporter spoke to during the time of the protests, they accuse ESCOM of favoring the area of Nyambadwe because most ‘well-to do’ people live there.

‘’Are we different customers? Why do they not give us notices like they do with the people of Nyambadwe?’’questioned one of the irate protesters.

The highly affected parts are Safarao, Makata and Goliyo.

The protesters wee seen stoning buildings and vehicles and had planned to head their way to ESCOM houses in Blantyre CBD in a bid to force the electricity supplier explain why their area is the one highly affected by the blackouts.

Police officers then rushed to settle the situation and threw teargas canisters dispersing the rioting people.

We understand that several arrests have been made but police are yet to make the details known.

There have been blackouts lately in Blantyre and ESCOM says this is due to low levels of water at its power stations.

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