Malawi drivers warned against overspeeding


Drivers in the country have been advised to reduce speed and observe road signs whenever they are driving in order to avoid road accidents.

The warning has been brought forward by northern region public relations officer Maurice Chapola following the increase of preventable road accidents in the region.

overspendingIn his remarks, Chapola said the northern region has registered a series of accidents which were caused by overspeeding drivers.

He advised the drivers to always observe road signs when on the roads in a bid to reduce road accidents which are claiming innocent lives.

The publicist said that it is high time that drivers need to recognise their responsibility whenever they are on the roads of the country.

The call comes days after a fatal accident occurred in Mzuzu.  15 people died due to the accident which involved four vehicles. Meanwhile police have arrested the driver of one of the vehicles since he is suspected to have caused the accident



  1. vuto ndiloti madriver ambiri samapita kuxul zaudriver ngakhale ngozi zina zopeweka paka pamavuta kuzipewa..basi tsiku latsoka likakwana zilibe kuti amayendesa bwanji.

  2. Miseu ilibwino kwambili chitukuko cha miseu ndiye chili nyatwa koma zitukuko monga chazakudya ndiye kulibe tisiyeni tizithamangisa tizifa noploblem ndizomwe mumafuna

  3. Police you are the ones who contributes so much to these accidents. Corruption is rampant on our roads. You will let somebody go with unroad wo

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