Mutharika is angry at Malawians for being thieves and corrupt although he is defending his corrupt ministers

Peter Mutharika

An angry Peter Mutharika yesterday railed against Malawians for having a habit of stealing every time, everything, everywhere. He has since said that with such a mind-set Malawi will remain poor.

‘’There is theft everywhere. This is very bad and my government will not relent to iron out theft which is becoming the normal life in Malawi,’’ an angry looking Mutharika told locals in Ntcheu district on Monday.

The Malawi leader was quick to indicate that his government is let down with the trend at which corruption is eating up almost ‘every’ office in the country.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika is angry.

While indicating that he well appreciates the unbelievable fact  that despite the incessant  condemnation of theft of public resources has failed to end the malpractice, he maintained that concerted efforts can end the act.

He lamented that the theft has not only hit public offices but also the private sector and the Civil Society.

‘’It is very sad that we all seem to have a mentality of stealing everywhere. You will hear of theft every day. Honestly we need to change if we are to develop this nation,’’ he said.

Ironically this comes hot in the heels of claims made by vocal lawmaker, Kamlepo Kalua, that they are up to seven serving cabinet Ministers that he says were named in the report of a whooping MK236 billion public looting of funds.

Mutharika has been accused of shielding the said Ministers.

Over the few years, Malawi was hit by what by far out-stands as the biggest theft of public resources, a scandal that took place during the era of Joyce Banda.

It then forced donors to pull out of aid in Malawi.




  1. though u r angry of thievng anywhre,anything u too u r the one who’s leading such kind ov things to b happen!!….what iknw is if u r a head u become aheadliner….if u r on top u become a topic!!…so if u r aleader as a father ov the nation u hv given all power to conquere such kind of bad thngs in yo country!!…ndiye ngat ukuyambitsa iwe amene kumaba ukuganiza ngat anthu okutsatawo adzipamga bwanji??….usatitseke mmaso ngat ndife ana akhanda ndicholinga chti anthi adzinena kut ndiwe wachilungamo uli nkhalamo

  2. though u r angry of thievng anywhre,anything u too u r the one who’s leading such kind ov things to b happen!!….what iknw is if u r a head u become aheadliner….if u r on top u become a topic!!…so if u r aleader as a father ov the nation u hv given all power to conquere such kind of bad thngs in yo country!!…ndiye ngat ukuyambitsa iwe amene kumaba ukuganiza ngat anthu okutsatawo adzipamga bwanji??….usatitseke mmaso ngat ndife ana akhanda ndicholinga chti anthi adzinena kut ndiwe wachilungamo uli nkhalamo

  3. inu tatopa nazo ife zimenezi if you know the names why cant you bring them outta here tiadziwe not this fuckin nonsenses n accusations you talkin here.

  4. Peter himself is a big thief, his whole cabinet is full of thieves that’s why he is shielding them. But GOD is watching them and soon they will b exposed. Shame on you Mr president!!

  5. Mr. President, are all these comments written by the MMP ” from the NORTH”?

  6. Set the example by arresting some of the thieves , not just talking better take action or your waiting the campaign period so that it will vote you again? your a torch bearer please light our country’s way before it’s too late anthu akuba chifukwa chozolowera sati kuti avutika chifukwa cabinet minister sangabe kamba koti ana alindi njala koma kuti kubako kwa lowa fashion chifukwa amene anayambitsa sakumangidwa monga a kulu anu bambo ake a bebe ndi mtsikana uja chifukwa onsewa anali limodzi ndichifukwa munayesetsa kuwina kuti nanunso mube ndi kutenganso bebe kuti bambo ake asangalale koma nthawi yantha simubanso

  7. If u hav got these names plz tel us if u han’t plz keep quet ,as u aware that the previous gorvmet failed to reliz these names .wel done our prezdent 4 the wonderful job ur duin to dill with corruption.

  8. Koma ndizomvetsa chisonikuti makamaka kuti akulu akulu ndi amene akugundika ndi kuba ndipo amend angawabise ndekuti nayenso ndi wakuba

  9. Lyk father lyk son pretending as if he’s angry so that the children should stop inheriting father’s behaviour Malawi is now sorrounded by evil spirit may good Lord help destroying this spirit nkhuyu zodya olemera zikupota osauka .

  10. U politicians ur praying games with Malawians how u can angry while ur failing to pronounce the names of ministers who destroy our tax? Ur completely foolish were tired now

  11. somebody at MERA has bn sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations, now is it difficult to do the same to the seven? look at their faces in a cabinet meeting, u can easily pick them..

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  13. Usogoleri kutukwanisa,koma ngakhale nditamtukwana pitalayo 100 times pa day ndingapindulenji?iiyaa bola kunoipaka mu Zanzi momuno nkumapanga zanga inu muzichedwa nkutukwanako….

  14. That’s what happen when a leader has an empty head because he don’t know what is good or bad, yesterday hiding thieves and today your saying thieves are everywhere what is wrong with you moya moya?

  15. A president people voted you to be on that seat pano mwayamba kutumbwaso don’t take us as we are fools time will come anthu omwewa mukuti ngokuba mazafuna voti from them ,yanga nje walemba m’madzi

  16. Mutharika has the audacity to be chastising Malawians for stealing yet his own administration is doing nothing to put an end to it. I feel that it is a disgrace.

  17. 2 much sufferings in malawi hence people can’t stop stealing/receiving bribes. We r corrupt from head to tail. Find out the root cause of this. Wakuba anam’bera.

  18. Nyamako piter uywajwaila m’masimba kakhulu,if u are tired to being Malawian president just sell ur country to the others country coz ur tired,& malawi country now, to u is a bigest than other country over the world.Why ur falilure to ruling this small contry?

  19. Waba wekha!! usalire petulo x2 !! Akulinji aona maloza mudimba la amalawi ataba thumba la ndalama zokwana 240billion kwacha okha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mbava iyoooooooooooo! Masaya ngati akufwindikamo matewera amanyi , mugwireni uyo wakuba uyo, lukhweru guyz suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  20. angly yachian mesa anthu ananena kut boma lanuli ndi la corruption mumakana bwanjir relo tangowululan nduna 7zija bas mavuto amenewa atha .tawonani lero ku mera 6.8b ena adya changu mr president madzi asafike nkhonsi

  21. mr prisdent,if you knows some people who steal our billions then arest them you got what it takes to do that why wasting time? are you waiting for europeans to send you or what? why keeping thieves in your cabinet? so many questions that you cant answer,,,simply you are a thief too

  22. WAKE UP MR PRESIDENT,ITS TIME TO CLEAN UP,THE CHAPONDA’S,GOODALS,KALIYATI,MUSSA,etc,inuyo tithana nanu 2019 when you shall have no IMMUNITY!

  23. Is this so-called president insane or sane?l do not understand what your’e thinking when you are under your shelter with your wife n cabinet.Any way we are different from one another,Malawians are learning pertaining to the qualities of a good leader

  24. eish koma ameneyu akutionjeza bwanji!! ndiye akupanga blame a Malawi kuti ndiakuba, akuba chani? nanga K236B ikunenedwa kuti yabedwa m’boma, aba ndi ndi anthu wamba kapena achina Peter omwewo? wandikwiyitsa bwanji!!!!!

  25. What a souring,despair and disrespect of the man called citizen no: 1.
    I’m highly convinced and terribly shocked by this man’s remarks words that #Malawiansarethieves!
    You touched my emotional instinct as a weak, insane and disrespect man in Malawi’s soil.
    Irritating innocent and clean People of Malawi it’s insane.
    An apology a waits.
    I would highly agree as you would say other Malawians are thieves, not Malawians are thieves.
    You mean you are leading and ruling crop of thieves as all?
    Agh! man it also shows me that you are no:1criminal because you leads criminal Malawians.
    Where has this whole issue come from to insult the innocent people of God?
    Is not you who’s harbouring criminals of Cash gate monies?
    Is not you who knows who stole treasury funds?
    Who really elected you to be a leader of thieves?
    How was Malawi before when you was in America?
    How was Malawi before 2005 when your DPP got power?
    How was Malawi when you got into power?
    Who made Malawi as it is now?
    What change has you brought to Malawi economic growth and social life?
    What plans do you have to uplift Malawi economic which has sunk?
    How can you trust thieves (Malawians) to assist you in rebuilding a torn out Malawi?
    Who do you see as you are to criminal Malawians?
    Civil Association, Malawi Law Society of Malawi and Judiciary of Malawi has to look deep on this souring statement of the so called peoples President of Thieves Malawians.

  26. Malawis male presdents since 1994- tcheya mchiuno. Bingu- masacheti. Uyu alipoyi ndayamba kutsimikiza kuti ndi wa kanundu. Kkkk

  27. Muthalika ndi msogoleli wa anthu akuba. akumawatuma asilikali kuti aziba mmisewu, nduna nazonso zikumaba ndalama zothandizira anthu ovutika akumizi., nazonso mbala zakumizi zikumawabera anthu akutauni.

  28. This government win the majority when the dumped UDF saying they can not work with thieves, and to day they are the ones feasting with thieves.
    What’s the difference?
    DPP produced experts thieves. You produced eggs now they are rotten you running away from the smell?take a mop clean yourself.the room is not bad but what’s inside the room is bad.and you, can change this.

  29. Apa wayakhura mogwira ntima tapitirizani chitetezo cha bingu chija athu asamapange chinyengo kuwamanga akalakwisa koma zomwe mupanga zaposa kamuzu

  30. Kkkkkk muuze adzakudelera ati short cut koma sizikumvekanso kkkkkkkk hahahaha Tazingolembani mfundo yonse sizodula mau koma mwa Chamba Amla shatapu !!!!

  31. The time Kamlepo was saying that their are some minsters involved of stealing government money YOU pitala said Kamlepo must come with the names while you know them yourself niw you are saying that stealing is everywhere in Malawi why dont you tell Malawians those pipo who are stealing?? And what is your responsible as the leader of the country iyaaaa you are the big thief

    1. Vuto lokhala pulezindent koma phatso yake ya utsogoleri alibe. Am a bwanji zovala ngati mulungu ali ndiana ang’ono ang’ono ? Ana onse ndikhalamba zizache

    2. Davies,this man is stoping kids calling Dad,but they must call ”Father” idont know if his statement and kaluwas are the same or not.kkkkkkk

    3. Eish my friend this man is a really confusing us, I cant see the difference between what kalua was saying and what he is telling us now

    4. Amalawi timangotsutsa zinazilizonse…kamuzu wankhanza, Muluzi wosaphunzira, Bingu woipa mtima,JB wakuba, today it’s Peter, Lack of leadership skills. .Aaaaah fokof amalawi ndinu ovuta kwambiri that’s why this country won’t develop even atabwera nzungu….wtF

    5. Kutsutsa kwina ndikomfunila zabwino kuti asatayilire.but this one is a water melon!! Joice banda was not expected to become ahead of state but atleast she lifted Malawi from worse to good in two years.this one is a destroyer.kamuzu did alot.

  32. corruption wil neva end maybe f u xae w shud reduce. … …..evn poverty in MW wil neva end……nid tu reduce bax

  33. Mbuzi imeneyi mumaitcha Pitalayi imangosokosa,iyeyu ndiwakubanso bwanji akanika kutchula maina a agalu amnzake amene aba nawo makobiri.Pamavuzi!Kodi alipo ndithu agwape ena amaitengera serious mpheta imeneyi!?

  34. The president is suffering from tripatite stresses. Basic stress, cumulative stress and traumatic stress. Malawians does not suck and they are not with him, a lier is left alone and his lies are exposed. He himself is a thief. He must be ashamed ….

  35. Are u mad or what?? What r u trying to say here??? U smoke Ganger/marijuana is it?? Sesakayenyumbamwakomo ndeuzibwerabwinopabwaro..osatikumatilalatiraifechonsecho akuba alinyumbamwanumomwemo first bring out those seven Cabinate ministers MK5.7billion is too much sizobisanazoyi.

  36. kkkkkkk. dont Palm oil Malawians. we know who you are and what you do. angry with what, your own thieves which you tame. mxcuuiuu

  37. Since when did thieves begin to vent their anger on other thieves??? I thought is a common pool resource !!!!! No excludability kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  38. corruption shall never end in this country,bcos its what we choose for voting multparty system of government in 1993 through areferendum,apatingovomeleza basi.

  39. The first thief is you pitala so dont pretend like u are not stealing the government money Fuck you mr grandpa president

  40. Stealing huge amount of money like that,,mm it just shows that the involved ones are satanic worshipers mm baddest..

  41. I’m so pleased with your statement today because you are talking straight to way it is. People are tired to politicalize problems, but that should come with a solution not just mare recognition

  42. Kamlepo Kalua is my man of the moment. Genuine MP not these other sell outs

  43. Kamlepo Kalua is,y man of the moment. Genuine MP not these other sell outs

  44. Padzana muli ku mmwera mumanena kuti simukudziwa mbava ndipo Kalua akupatseni maina. Pano mwafika ku Ntcheu mukuti umbava uli pali ponse? Tikukhulupirireni a Bwana? kapena mukuona ngati anthu akhumudwa mukapitiriza kulankhula ngati mumachitira kummwera muja? Ashii tere a Malawi ndi a ulemu ngakhale aberedwe amangolrira chamumtima

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