23 August 2016 Last updated at: 7:18 AM

JB finally coming back home

Former President Joyce Banda might finally be bringing an end to her self-imposed exile after a very long time of staying away from home, Malawi24 understands.

A top source in the executive of her Peoples’ Party (PP) Joseph Chikwemba made the revelation that Banda will be returning on his Facebook page.

“This is official, madam JB is coming back home,” posted Chikwemba.

His announcement came after similar announcements made by the PR team of Joyce Banda. However, such announcements have all ended up being fake.

A source told Malawi24 that there is good reason to believe that Banda is finally coming back home pointing at a string of events that would really mean that the former President is finally coming back home.

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda is finally coming home.

“Apart from the announcement by Chikwemba, the UN Chief also met with top officials from Mutharika’s government where she was also discussed. We do not know what they agreed but surely you can guess it was good news to Banda,” the source said.

Some DPP cadets have also gone on a campaign indicating that Banda is coming.

In a Facebook post, a DPP supporter indicated that Banda is coming back because her passport has to be renewed. Malawi24 has failed to verify the authenticity of such claims.

“The DPP follows Banda closely and of course they have been informed if she is coming, I think that can also help us ascertain if it is true that she is coming back to Malawi,” said our source.

Banda left Malawi in 2014 after losing elections. Since then she has never stepped on Malawi soil arguing that she is afraid of being persecuted.

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