Devotion: Grow or Go


Mark 4:30-32 He said, “How will we liken God’s Kingdom? Or with what parable will we illustrate it? It’s like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, though it is less than all the seeds that are on the earth, yet when it is sown, grows up, and becomes greater than all the herbs, and puts out great branches, so that the birds of the sky can lodge under its shadow.”

You need to grow to be a success in life. If you are not growing be assured that others are growing and therefore soon you will become irrelevant. If you become irrelevant you will soon go out of that you are doing. That is why you have to grow in all areas of life. You need to progress. Live a better life today than yesterday. If you are a student get better grades today than yesterday. If you are in business or in ministry ensure you are better now than yesterday.

bibleGet new knowledge everyday. Add knowledge(2 Peter 1:5). If you don’t get new knowledge you will live same life for years. You will be at same level or lower except that your age will go higher. Your general quality of life diminishes if you dont get new relevant knowledge. You can get same results for years and as others are progressing in knowledge you will soon become irrelevant. Such people become stationary. No movement. Where there is no movement, you become a monument. Avoid being a monument.

Dont be amongst those who are proud of being the first and not the best. They will boast like “I was the first one to own a car in this village”, but now their car is the oldest in the village. “I was the first one to go to university in this town,” but now all they have is the first degree when their friends own several degrees.” I was the first to build a church here”, but their church is the most dilapidated in that location. Be the best and not merely the first to achieve. You are the blessed of God (Eph 1:3) and hence deserve the best.

Let your ending be better that your beginning. This is the reason you need principles for success. Be a success for a better ending. Ecclesiastics 7:8 “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning.”

My end is great. I have been programmed for growth. I will never give up on my vision, because I am already destined to affect many in Jesus Name. Amen.

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