CDAs go 14 months without pay

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Community Development Assistants (CDAs) in the country have expressed worry over the delay by government to give them their arrears after going 14 months without pay.

Government through ministry of gender, children, disability and social welfare hired CDAs from Magomero College in June last year but they have now gone unpaid for a year and two months now.

The development comes barely months after the some CDAs appealed to the government to give them their salaries and other costs during the time they worked.

According to one of the assistants who asked for anonymity, the government showed them then that they will be paid by February this year but they have not been given the money.

MoneyThe source further said that in February after seeing no payments into their bank accounts, they called the authorities and were told to officially write them but after doing as commanded, still the payments are yet to be given to them.

He added that a small number of the assistants got their money last February but the majority of the workers have not received any money, a development that has angered them.

A community development worker often acts as a link between communities and a range of other local authority and voluntary sector providers such as the police, social workers, and teachers.

They are frequently involved in addressing inequality and projects targeting communities perceived to be culturally, economically or geographically disadvantaged.

The Ministry of Gender are yet to comment on the matter.



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