Malawi’s inflation continue to rise

Malawi hunger food crisis

The country’s rate of inflation made a familiar movement in July as it jumped to 23.5 percent from 22.6 percent in June as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), the National Statistical Office (NSO) says.

Inflation is calculated using CPI – which measures the changes in price level of a basket of goods and services purchased by households – but the statistical office has attributed the current rise in the rate of inflation to the increase in food inflation.

Maize prices leading to high inflation

Malawi’s food inflation rose from 29.2 percent in July from 27.7 percent in June, a jump of 1.5 percent.

Nonetheless, the rise will not amuse the suits at Reserve Bank of Malawi since the current inflation is 2.5 percent above the 21 percent annual target the bank set back in January this year.

However, economists in the country says the rise should not surprise anyone since the shortage of Maize in the country is leading to rise in prices of the grain – the price of a 50Kg bag of maize currently costs K13,000.

Director of Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn)  Dalitso Kubalsa said the jump in the rate of inflation shows that Malawi is grappling with many challenges and that it is also evidence that things will continue to be difficult in the foreseeable future.

One of the major challenges Malawi is facing is hunger with over 6.5 million Malawians currently in need of food aid.



  1. Ndithu zitha izi posachedwa tikayamba kulimbikira ntchito, kodi munthu aziswera pabawo apezapo chia I? Let’s work all day long we will progress reform our lives politics is a governing taxi to success so don’t mind it at all. Sweat,sweat u will test salt ehi mmmm,let’s patronise hardworking. Do not forget God’s power in doing everything.

  2. if politics is the biggest industry in Malawi , what else do Malawian expect? we can’t expect any better results when the country is at verbal war in every economy sectors you will find principles are politicised which create laziness among the people in the country eg the cash gate saga if all the suspect were brought to justice the country economy would at be some where adzichita kutiposa Burundi ndi Rwanda taganiza bwino akuluakulu ku Malawi ko your highly educated why can you not solve or balance this equation

  3. May God help us, our leaders are busy with cashgate they don’t even care about us. I don’t know where we can get relief, only God knows.

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