22 August 2016 Last updated at: 4:20 PM

Couple found dead in tent

A South African man and a Malawian woman who were in a love affair were on Sunday found dead in a tent where they were staying in Rumphi district.


Bodies of the two in their tent

Police in the district have identified the male deceased as Wilson Mziyame, 65, and the female as Elliana Chinula, 39.

According to Police, Mziyame was working at Fufu hydroelectric camp at Jalawe area and was in love with Chinula who was staying nearby village around the camp.

“The woman used to go to the man’s residence frequently and for the past week the woman had been spending whole days at the foreigner’s house,” Police said.

However on Sunday 21st August in the morning they were both found dead in the tent where they were sleeping.

The cause of the death is yet to be established since post-mortem will be conducted today at Mzuzu Central Hospital.

Meanwhile, Police in the district have instituted investigations to know the events that led to the death of the two.

The male deceased was from South Africa while the female deceased hailed from Irayi village, Traditional Authority Mwamulowa in Rumphi district.

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