8 August 2016 Last updated at: 7:15 AM

Excessive alcohol intake kills refugee in Malawi

A 37 year-old Congolese refugee at Dzaleka Refugee camp has died after drinking too much alcohol without eating.


Beer has cost a life 9File)

The Congolese, identified as Kimongo Kalambo, died on Friday at Dzaleka in Dowa district Malawi.

Kalambo had drunk too much beer without taking food, a medical report confirmed.

Dowa police spokesperson, Richard Kaponda said Kalambo never returned home for three consecutive days when he went on a beer drinking spree.

“The deceased [a refugee] was staying alone in his house within the camp. He was a heavy drunkard and he disappeared from his house for three days prior to the date of his death. This indicates that the deceased was drinking beer without taking food,” added Kaponda.

A post-mortem conducted revealed that the death occurred due to drinking beer on an empty stomach.

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