Muslims in Malawi urged to embrace information technology

Muslims Malawi

Muslims in the country have been urged to master information technology so that they can contribute positively to socio-economic growth of Islam and Malawi at large.

Speaking during the official opening of a two-day workshop organised by Blantyre Islamic Mission at Chadzunda, one of the Muslim scholars in the country who was also the guest of honour Sheikh Mustahab Ayam encouraged the Muslims to use communications technology saying this has reduced many challenges on how Muslims and non-Muslims can access the words of God.

“This workshop is very important to both Muslim and non-Muslim community because it will help to shape the human behaviours since technology or internet is not a bad thing and we should encourage everyone including our youngsters to use it,” Ayam said.

Muslims Malawi
Malawi Muslims drilled.(File)

He further said that it is very important to use technological communications since a lot of devices are available which can carry the message of God and other important information about developing the country and Islam.

“Nowadays there are a lot of gadgets like phones, computers and laptops which can keep different information including the Holy book of Quran in all forms like soft copy and audio in different languages which helps people to carry with it wherever they are going,” he said.

He further said with the modern technology people can learn more about Islam and its teachings through using reliable sources and also asked the Sheikhs in attendance to spread the message on the advantages of using the modern technology in searching the words of Allah.

However, the same technology is being used to disparage Islam with negative images such as terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and the likes and Sheikh Ayam also asked for proper investigations when such issues have risen through the social media.

“Other groups of people use the same modern way of technology to tarnish the image and the reputation of Islam and Muslims should be aware of it, don’t follow everything you come across on internet because these people post things which are contrary to the teachings of Islam and these facts should be realized by the preachers of Islam,” Ayam stressed.

He then asked parents to be on the forefront to make sure that their children are using internet in proper manner. He gave an example that in the past children were gathering together outside their houses to chat as friends but now the same youngsters can be in the house but chatting with people who are not within and others whom they don’t know by face.

He said: “Muslim youngsters are adopting technology to distance themselves from older, traditional practices while also challenging Western models, they have gadgets which can mislead them if not properly used, the coming in of Facebook, WhatsApp even Twitter is also a disadvantage to these youngsters so parents should be on the forefront to make sure that our children are using internet in a proper manner.”



  1. Alfred Tawakali you are my brother , these (Christian) they dont know what they are talking if they went to school lndeed they cant say they are believing in trinity what are such mathematics to say 1 plus 2 its 1.That is nonses you cant say muslims are Muhammads worshippers.If dont knw what you can say just be quiet you Galu , Manyi azana ali nthoo kulephela kuti uchose ndimadzi. Yamba wachita kaye research za chisilam kenako ndiye uzilankhula bwino.

  2. Awa amalephera kulumikiza Power Bank ku phone…nde mukawauze za ma computer?…ey pazavuta..
    Wanjomba windows 8 wakulaghasya…lol

  3. People have to go to school and learn that Islam is not a tribe but a religion and that not all Yaos are Muslims. Muslims are found all over the world while Yaos are mainly found in Mozambique and Malawi. Americans are bombing and killing people in Syria but the press shrewdly don’t mention them as American Christians. In the Burundi and South Sudan people are getting killed by Christian soldiers but the only mention is that of soldiers and not their religion. Anti Islam is rampant in the world but people don’t see it. No wonder instead of worshiping God, the world has been told to worship Jesus (PBUH) yet even Jesus himself worshipped the almighty God.

    1. Jesus is God himself. In trinity with comprises father, son and the holy spirit. Jesus is the son. Read your bible Bro or perhaps you are from the other side.

  4. aslam ndi akhristu ndife osiyana ife timapembedza yesu mwana wamulungu wamoyo pamene enawa ndi m’bale odyedwa ndi nkhumba uja amati muhamad ndiye sitingave chimozimozi

  5. Why not encouraging all the Malawians to be technologically literate, starting from primary school, and not only Muslims. Then encourage Malawians to love education and parents to send their children to school. The Government must make sure education is not expensive for the poor students.

  6. Isn’t it a sin to use technology that is developed and created by free thinking disbelievers? What does it say about our faith?

  7. chipembezo ichi cha ofukulidwa ndi galuchi ndiye bola napuse napuse ndithu…..kuzolowera kugwira nsete basi. .zantopola tu izi.

    1. Looks like you illiterate on the Is issue and terrorist issue.Ask the FBI and CIA about this they will tell you they are the ones who are infront of this.dont be blind when you can see.

    1. Umbuli ndi matenda. Mjomba ndi mu yao. Msilamu si mu yao. Msilamu alipo ku China, Japan, USA, Germany ndi mbali zonse za dziko lapansi. Mukakamba zachimbudzi kaya mukuti nsete wa uve ndi amene amapanga ignore kuti ali ndi nyansi kumunsi kwake pongodzipaka nyansizo mmalo mochotsa ndi madzi posamba. Opukuta ndi toilet paper amanunkha pomwe osamba ndi madzi sanunkha.

    2. Inu ndinu midyomba basi, pavute or pasavute, mufune or musafune, midyomba basi ndanenandanena. Nanga taonani dzina lamunthu likakhale constable? Uchidzege or chidempete

  8. mumalawinso mulinso zomanyozana ndikumasankhana kuti uyu ndi msilamu uyu mkhristu?ndikuona kuti ndichopanda nzeru mmalawi kumatukwana kapena kunyoza coz,mmakoma mwathu mukaona kuti mai ndi mkhristu bambo muslim,kapena chemwali ako ndi msilam,ndiye palinso nkhani yotukwanana apa?tusamatenga ma chance poti ndipa net pano

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    1. chiyambileni kuona ma comment wa wayankhulako bwino ndiiwe bas kuti chakula ndiu phawi pamalawi is true i hope kuti kwanuko ndiiwe mfumu ndi2 kuyankhula kosaimila mbali koma kuti anthu oganiza mopelewela athe kuganizako mwina zanzaleru ndaku3la

  11. APAtu mukulankhu zopusa anthu amene akuphedwa aja ma albino akupha ndi aslam kupusa basi sitsilu akhristu opanda chipembezo

  12. Thats great idea! I can c most of the pple they undermine the muslims 4 geting that dey are better educated than their brotherhood

    1. Dereck jassi,,,mesa misala tikukamba apa iyi? Inu siochita kufusa ayi. Satana wa anthu ngati,,,nonse miti yanu ndiozungulira. iwe nde chamba kwakhala kuti uzikagona kusi kwa bridge,,,uchisiye msanga.

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    1. True work of isil.Tell dem da truth Sifiso.Soon timva anthu aku zingidwa paja it ws the same 24 that post about ISIL and
      LAFARGE within a week IT?Muslims?

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