Men set ablaze 8 houses over land wrangle in Salima

Fire Malawi

Five men have set eight houses on fire and slaughtered livestock due to wrangles over land in Salima district.

According to Salima Police Public Relations Officer Chitowe, the suspects are Azibi Adamu, 24, Ibrahim Adamu, 21, Harry Soko, 19, Alex M’dala, 40, and Phonex Mangwere, 32.

Fire Malawi
Fire (Library image)

Chitowe said the houses and livestock belonged to relatives of suspended Traditional Authority (TA) Bibi Kuluunda of the district. According to Chitowe, there has been disagreements over land between relatives of the suspended TA and some members of the community.

On Friday, a court in the district ordered the arrest of six of the disgruntled members of the community after they defied a court order but the police managed to arrest three while the other three escaped.

The arrest of the three however did not please the other members of the disgruntled group and they decided to punish the chief’s relatives, accusing them of being behind the arrests.

Thus they mobilized themselves and maliciously damaged houses and property of the relatives and subordinates of Traditional Authority Bibi Kuluunda.

They were later arrested and they will appear in court soon to answer arson and malicious damage charges. All five suspects hail from Traditional Authority Bibi Kuluunda in the district.



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