Politicians involved in albino attacks will not contest in the 2019 elections

Malawi elections MEC

The country’s electoral body Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has warned all people who are involved in attacks against people with albinism that they will be barred from contesting in the 2019 general elections.

According to MEC Director of Media and Public Relations Sangwani Mwafulirwa, those convicted for possessing bones, abducting or killing people with albinism, and conspiring to kill or abduct people with albinism will be caught in the law and will not be allowed to contest in the coming general elections.

Malawi elections
Politician involved in albino attacks will not contest in the next polls.

“It is morally unaccepted to exhume dead bodies with the intent to sell the bodies, so if you want to stand in 2019 as a ward Councillor, Member of Parliament or President stay away from engaging in such crimes. Stop killing, torturing, abducting people with albinism,” said Mwafulirwa.

The MEC spokesperson also reminded Malawians that any person convicted by a competent court of crime involving dishonesty and moral turpitude within seven years prior to the elections will be barred from contesting.

People with albinism in the country are still living in fear over attacks against them which increased in the first half of 2016. Recently the country’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika called upon women in the country to join hands with the aim of ending the evil act.



  1. Oky, which means those politicians who will be involved in albino attacks won’t be arrested, but u will just prevent them from contesting in the 2019 general elections? This speech is indicating injustice, what are u trying to tell malawians there, oky at this period politicias can kill any person with albinism but 2019 he / she won’t allowed to contest in the generation elections as a punishment for that killing?….I never knew that MEC is also the denifinition of stupid!

  2. How many of our brothers and sisters wl be affected upon reachng that 2019… u #MEC# y if u knw those cowards jst go and jail them???? Do u thnk we are hapy of all these??? Mind u mwazi wa munthu is so superior so mukapusa u wl pay this by blood too…

  3. okey u know these motherfurkers all these u r sayiig iz shit people r commiting crime ur here telling malawians shit okey oneday u will comfence

  4. I don’t understand this statement.I thought it has been declared that All involved in Albino killings should save life sentence? So which politician should be spared once found? Are politicians our yard stick in commuting sins?

  5. all this time..Haaa…It means u are at abrotherhood with the killers…If ucant release them now,who wil start the ball rolling in 2019? inuso u will be barred from ur positions….MBUUZZZII !!!

  6. malawians y?…if ur sayn those people who r involved in albino attacks will not contest in the 2019 elections…what is this all about?…instead of strengthening the laws aimed at protecting our brothers and sisters(albinos) ngat mukuwazwa osawagwla axanafke 2019 bwanj?? …ur busy saying the culprits will not contest in the 2019 general elections..chilungamo mwachibisa nd ndlama…indeed we’ve been conditioned 2 thnk that only politicians can solve our problemz bt when we wake up from our deep sleep we will realise dat it was..it iz and it will be these politicians who will continue 2 be the ones creating our problemz… oh lord zatiweluzeni


  8. God Should Punish Them Even If They Stand For The Elections,they Are Going To Loose Because The Spirits Of Our Brothers And Sisters With Albinism Are Not Happy With Those Politicians.

  9. Haha you mean you are not going to arrest them but you are will just not allow them to contest in 2019 elections???? Where is the justice above all the human rights???

  10. That an awkward moment when u are busy reading my comment to find out an awkward moment but itsn’t there any and u keep on reading this comment and u come to realise that it stipulates nothing important and you just wasted a couple of time of your life but you are still reading and you don’t even know why. That’s awkward you should criticise me for wasting your time. Thanks

  11. In my opinion, i think MEC is only trying to remind us all, malawians, that if one is convicted of a crime by a competent Court of Law within the last 7years preceding an election day, such a person can not, by law, be allowed to contest in such an election. The analogy of being convicted of a matter involving our brothers and sisters with albinism has only been used as an example to illustrate the point. It does NOT necessarily mean that only those convicted on issues affecting people with albinism will be the only ones to be barred from the election( conviction on other criminal offences attracts the same penalty). It does NOT mean that MEC knows the people involved in this barbaric practice.

    In fact MEC is using it as an opportunity to FIGHT against this practice by reminding us that being involved in a criminal matter, let alone being convicted, disqualifies one from exercising his/her political right( in this regard, contesting for public office like MP, councillor, Presidency).

    Thank you MEC for seizing the opportunity to fight CRIME.

    1. Thank u Bertha for understanding my point. Am surprised by the comments pple are making on this posts. of course they are entitled to.

  12. bodza iri ngat munthu atapezeka ndiye kt amangidwa osati zmenezo komaso musanamizre za albino podzafuna kupondereza ena ngat alipo amangwidwe thats nonses

  13. mec but why all these years you were silent???? you mean politicians are behind this deal God forbid next publish the names nafe tiwaziwe2 komaxoooo

  14. Ooook,it means u knw them well,bt ua hiding them too.mec commissioner,pls tel us there names.eeeeish malawi walero,mmmmmmmmm zoopsa.muziwana etiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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