Lafarge made deals with ISIS terrorist group

Lafarge ISIS terrorist business deal

An investigation by a team of journalists reveals that Lafarge which owns Lafarge in Malawi, entered into a business agreement with the notorious ISIS terrorists groups just to keep up the company’s profits.

Lafarge ISIS terrorist business dealThe investigation, undertaken by French daily Le Monde, shows that the cement maker Lafarge entered into deals with armed groups in Syria, including the Islamic State (IS) group which is also called Daesha.

The deals were made in 2013 when the IS group – then known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – began taking control of towns and roads around Lafarge owned factories in Syria.

“Lafarge paid taxes to IS group and negotiated safe passage for its trucks in order to continue its operations. Le Monde [which carried the investigation] reported it had seen emails sent by Lafarge managers in Syria ‘revealing arrangements that Lafarge made with the jihadist group’” reads part of a report by France24.

The deal, according to another investigation by Zaman al-Wasl, saw Lafarge regularly buying oil from Isis as well as provision of Lafarge cement and other construction material to the terrorist group.

Lafarge, without confirming or denying the business deal, reportedly said its absolute priority has always been ensuring the safety and security of its staff.

The company, the world’s leader in construction materials, entered the Malawian market in 2001 upon its acquisition of Portland Cement Limited. The Malawi company is yet to come out on how much it benefited from the profits realised from the deals entered with the terrorist organisation that’s killing innocent lives around the world.



  1. If that’s true…then it’s not a good thing…some big SHIT…might happen some day..

  2. Fuck you all crazy people,nonse agalu obwelera ku ma sanzi awo,chifukwa chani muribe chilungamo?? Wako ndi wabwino pomwe wamzako ndi chigawenga. Chikakhala kwa wina chigwire nyanga chikakhala kwako ndi mayomayo. Paribe amene sakudziwa za Isis kuti ndi magulu a chi Islam,koma poti lero ari kumbari yanu ndiye kukamwa yatsa kunyadira akayamba kukuchosani za mkabuduramo ndiye fwinyofwinyo.

  3. I have read your article,,there is nothing to do with malawi,, we dont care who the company is linking with,,, we just need its services for the benefit of our country,, after all those labelled terrorists are not as deadley as the world super powers are,, a wold of confusion, a world in which truth is hidden and lies are aired out just to mind-control the sleeping ones,, i never trust media

  4. Nkhaniyi itha kukhala yoona, kut tionesese ISIS ili dziko lililonse padziko lapansi, chofunika mkukhala ntchelu makamaka m’malo omwe mumakhala wanthu wambiri muyenela kukhala chitetezo chokwanila

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  7. atolankhani apamalawi amenewo akuti blood kodi capital ya lafarge inachokera kumaterorist kapena anapanga mgwirizano atalanda dera lomwe kuli company yao.Nanga companiyo ikadakhala yanu mukadatani?

  8. Who owns the company? If it’s foreign owned then it can be true because Isis is made by Israel,America,France,Britian and other criminals who use it as its a Muslim thing to brain wash people.

    1. I’ve found the true long ago,things like these you don’t need researching they are apparent,just that media has made people blind.

  9. Do you know the meaning of ISIS? It means, Islamic State Iraq and Siria. Aney problem with that to be partners in business?

  10. chonde inu a malawi24,ngati muli ndi ma contact details a ISIS munditumizire ndikufuna ndijoine cholinga changa ndichofu kum’phwanya mutu winawake,zikayenda ndizalitulukautu winawake basi

  11. This story is true. Lafarge has its headquarters in France. They were paying ISIS taxes in order to protect their factories in Syria. This news is being reported by many international news organizations. This story has not been investigated by malawi24, they have just copied it. A simple internet search can reveal this. Thanks malawi24 all the same for bringing the issue to our attention.

  12. La Monde should care more about its countries issues than to “investigate” Malawis. As long as the country is benefiting all I can say is that it’s just business……

  13. I can believe this News,,,,Isis is every where around de world…en 1 of there mission..z to Make the whole world to be islamic state..(# their Dreams).kkk….,if lsis..reaches Europe…wat more in Malawi.?.where security z poor…..en apart from…that..Maguru aziwembu..mdiobvuta…ku wadziwa..ndikuthana nawo….as long as..we hav foregners in our country,,isis can be dere…even not only foregners,Malawi citizen..can Join t….koma simungadziwe…kkkkkkkkk,,,nde osangofulumira kutsutsa Guyz..!!!….nchifukwa chan. Maguru ena…ngat Bhoko Halaam/Al shababu/M23….?…lsis..mdiguru limodzi,laziwembu padziko lapansi pano,lomwe..lili mdi cash heavy… singdingadabwepo pamenepa kuti kaya..Apangan Agreement Business(kaya ndi ma share)..ndi Kampani ya Ciment,Ku Malawi….

    1. Read the article or a simple google search will give you answers. We value the truth more than anything and we dont take our readers for granted.

  14. really?which team of journalist ? komatu kumafufuza nkhani zanuzi bwnobwno musanapange post pama page panupa…nthawi inayake zizakuvutaniX

  15. really?which team of journalist ? komatu kumafufuza nkhani zanuzi bwnobwno musanapange post pama page panupa…nthawi inayake zizakuvutaniX

    1. Read the article or a simple google search will give you answers. We value the truth more than anything and we dont take our readers for granted.

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