Faith Mussa needs some good looking

Faith Mussa

Faith Mussa is one of the people who are living their destinies. From a young age, together with his parents and two brothers, they have been involved in music.

Most of us recall the Mussa Family music group which was popular in the 1990s.

From then Faith has been involved in music and his brightest moment as a member of the family music group was in 2002 when he led the vocals for their hit song, ‘Pokumbukira Mtanda’.

After that pinnacle moment, the group and Faith himself went missing from the scene. Perhaps, the children had grown old and were engaged in other undertakings. It was easy to get organized as a group when they were always around.

Faith Mussa
Faith Mussa needs some good looking.

Eleven years later, he came back onto the scene as a solo artist. But it is not that he was doing everything on his own. In one of his shows, nearly years ago, at the Chancellor College, Great Hall, he brought his whole family. It proved that despite pursuing other dreams, the family was still intact and supporting each other as they have always been.

Faith has a new role now. The parents are no longer active in music as they have always been. His brothers do get involved in producing songs for him. But he is the face of the Mussa Family music group now. And on that, he has done very well. He is working hard for himself and keeping alive the ‘Mussa Family’ name.

He has arisen as an artist in a special period of Malawi music. Malawi urban music is popular, and despite it being dominated by secular artists, gospel ones like Patience Namadingo and Faith himself are blending in and giving Malawi gospel music a new shape and face. His ‘Desperate’ song won an award two years ago in the inaugural Music Association of Malawi awards.

The song was indeed popular and up to this day, Faith is yet to rise from the shadow of its popularity. Since it he has not come up with new songs that have eclipsed its stature and has often been forced to re-do it in different version since it is the current backbone of his career. Being a wonderful guitar player, he has done that exceptionally well and keeps the song relevant.

But aside all that, Faith needs to realize the time he is in and see that music nowadays is not just about how good one is on the audio, but also in how one looks. Artists today are investing resources to create, maintain and sell their image. They are putting on new and good clothes and keeping their hair and body in shape.

Music in Malawi has ceased to be an innocent game. People are looking at the artist as a whole and if one is reckless in one part of his career, they can easily lose the favor and the love of the mostly youthful audience.

But Faith is not that kind of an artist, and that puts his whole career at risk. Just like Patience Namadingo, he has the style of keeping his hair. There is nothing wrong with that. He feels comfortable and that is what matters most. But when one looks at his hair, it always looks not being well-taken care of like that of Patience Namadingo, for example. He needs to improve on that. Besides it, he is also currently keeping his beard and the style he has with it makes him look years older than he is.

In other words, the style he has is not the image of an artist who belongs to the current urban music generation. As already said, the success of a song or an artist these days go beyond how good the song is. It needs an artist who embraces all the parts that matters most.

About the author: Wonderful Mkhutche is a speech writer, a political scientist and a manuscript editor and developer.



  1. Iwe!!! Wasowa something to write ndithu. Who are you to judge. Aliyense ali ndi Makonda. Osaonekae kuchenjera pagulu. Let faith be Fsith and you be you, different likes and choices. Ma pull him down iiweyo

  2. Me i beg to differ with y’all, if u know paparazi even in USA u’ll agree with this author, an artist needs to look presantable. I once saw petience namadingo in 2012 after a concert at sheaffer i came close to him just to hav a close look at him, koma mmmmm i was dissapointed to see how filthy he was looking, dirty hair, clothes were not ironed as if he washed them using hot water put them on the line and wore them after drying without ironing. If u still treat yourself like that just change coz ur a very talented singer and composer ur new album is Epik. About faith’s personality i cant comment coz ive never seen him, i know his musik, a very good Guitar player. LOOK PRESANTABLE GUYS.

  3. Watokosa wolakwikwa adm chita manyazi. Yo test its not smbdys flavour.
    Napepe, ntapatshya wanuwu mulibemo thendo komanso mwathila mtchele wambiri.

  4. Lol ndangokumbukila nyimbo ya#Maluli, palibe chifukwa chozolela bbypowder, mwaoimba 2akumalawi owoneka bho faith ali #1

  5. We Malawian writters are full of jealous, this is why we are failing to excell in life. Faith mukufuna akhale ngati inu? Anthu ozikonda inu mulindi chiyani? Ngakhale Yesu amene mulibe ana anjoka iwe. Becarefull, ungazatenge tsoka.

  6. Here,i have to agree with wonder…guyz,sakumunyoza but its jst a trend in showbiz nowadays…whether we deny it or not.Faith is on spotlight-celeb……enanu mumaonera fashion police…thats what wonder is doing…its no beef………..amatiimilira…………..however,its up to faith to take or leave it..its not binding

    1. Amatiimilira but it does not mean that azivala or look as you wish aaah guys….. he is human ali ndi zonwe amakonda just like u ndiye no panic apa.

    2. Hahaha jst like me?naa….inetu si oyimba..look,if i decide to be a farmer,surely i have to do farming the way it is done masiku ano.modern farming that is…..i cant do it in my own way jst because its me…….kodi Faith amayimba chamba chanji?

  7. Mukamanena kuti Faith samawoneka bwino mukutanthawudza chani? Aliyense ali ndi m’mene amafunira kuti adziwonekera & Faith amawoneka bwino. Ndiye akulu alembawa akutinso ndi a speech writer? Kikkkk! Akuti Faith’s looks is putting his music carier at risk” A Speech writer awa angamulakwise munthu shuwa. Mosakayika mwinanso ndi aja anawalembera akulu aja speech yotchuka ija “muzidya mbewa ndi zitete.”

  8. wonder walemba zinthu ngati sunapite ku sukulu….despite being my friend, am feeling sorry for you and your nosense even if it means hate…..a malawi 24 tipaseni zinthu zakupsya timakudalirani,,not castigating as if your readers are fools………let me stop there to avoid being wonder mkhutche too…!!!!

  9. He is singing for God listen to the message of the song not zomakhala buzy ndi zomwe ukufuna iwezo u get nothing it’s his life him and his God

  10. he alredy hav good looks,,,, mwangosowa zolemba apa eti?? faith u look good en plz dnt change urslf izo ndzofuna zao nt zako en i wil always suport u faith kep on interteng us we lov u

  11. Ana tiku wa dziwa ife awa oimbadi za mulungu osati zinazi akuti za mulungu koma akupitila kwa …………..?ndiku maka vula mbranda ku funa gospel yoti fazi ika vela izi kamba kamba za nyimbo yawo hee chinekee me hee ndango dutsa chonde aka welenga asandi pange za robat chasowa prz

  12. The author is probably promoter of hypocrisy. Faith looks fantastic & genuine. Let’s allow people extend dominance in their territories with own choices. Izi zomati kumavala suits ndiye mawonekedwe auzimu ndiziphunzitso za anthu who are pregnant or constipated with ignorance.

    1. Just what I could say bro, you got it all, tell them about someone who’s poor in finance but rich in the gospel and poor in fashions and styles!!!

  13. Iwe writer ulibe nzeru. Mnyako Faith analowatu chinasala. Kodi umafuna azioneka ngati mwana wako? Iwe panga zako.



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