America clocks 240 years of Independence: Promises more support to Malawi

Virginia Palmer

United States of America (USA) Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer has disclosed that her nation will continue supporting Malawi.

The ambassador made the remarks in the capital Lilongwe where American citizens based in Malawi celebrated the North American country’s Independence Day which officially falls on July 4.

Virginia Palmer
Palmer says America will keep supporting Malawi.

Palmer said Malawi should expect more support from America, saying her country will help Malawi avert the hunger that that has greatly affected Malawians.

Speaking during the celebrations, Foreign Affairs minister Francis Kasaila hailed the bilateral relationship that Malawi has with America.

July 4 is the most important national holiday in the United States. On the day, Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence which was adopted in 1776.

In that year, the thirteen British colonies namely Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantation declared themselves to be states and no longer part of the British Empire.



  1. When Is Malawi Going To Provide More Support To America? It’s Depressing To Always Receive And Only Convey Gratitude! One Doesn’t Need To Be Supper Rich To Become A Donor! Mindset Change Is A Must For Malawi!!!

  2. I knw America, if they say like dat which means there something tha want 2 promote in our poor Malawi. I hate America so much, coz they always oppose in what God has commanded us to do and what Has forbbiden us. Such as:
    *Gay marriages (which refuses us to practise/do)
    *wayz of dressing (they say everyone got rights of dressing which is not true. That is rights of nakedness)
    And many more to enamulate dem.

    America doesn’t want to see other countries successing then they finds a reason to bring down those countries. They go in dat countrie creating teriorist group and start fighting themselves and later on start criticise like they’r not involving.

    America, is my worst country in the world.

  3. The problem with ur support u also includes some conditions which are not favorable to Malawians, If u want to help just help.

  4. the first time I saw this face on news paper. she was complaining of the Arrest of gay people and the second time I saw her again on the page of news paper they talking about her stilling ivory in malawi and now she is willing to help malawi? kkkkk

  5. But we don’t want things against our nature here, if u are will to support just support not taking advantage of our poverty bringing nosense here like homesexually

  6. These blood suckers are causing havoc all over the world while enjoying peace in their homes.They are not here to help us but to make sure that their influence has reached every corner of the world.

  7. Well come and good job for there kindness to us but some time we must do some thing to them.not always receiving like kids the little we have we must share with them any one need to be favoured even they are rech.

    1. u must be a blind man. u mean u can’t see what is going on in malawi. u can no even notice what they are gaining from poor malawi hahahaha u are spoof my friend USA is killing our malawi boy

    2. Oky so you mean to be poor you can not help some one but some one to help you oky thanks.thats why we are poor we wait to receive and to beg and to cry up to when?i have seen in my life giving while you have little maybe you must go back to bible.Jesus said the woman gives more than them even she was paid little but that’s what she have amen.insorting its not a solution so be wise mr think before you act control yourself.

  8. Thanx 4ur Support though ur Donation does not reach Poor people bcz of Stingy readers who r’busy Enrich themselves,then there Stomach full of Cakes n’milk they go round telling its Citizen that they Must Eat Mice n’Graahoppers!SELFISH @ ITS BEST

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