Business back to normal at Beitbridge


Business is back to normal at Beitbridge border post in South Africa which was shut down on Friday after protesters blocked both sides of the border.

The South African Home Affairs Department on Saturday told the media that traffic had begun flowing through the Beitbridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Business resumes at Beitbridge.

On Friday, the border was a no go zone as a group of people were demonstrating at the border post, expressing their dissatisfaction with restrictions placed on goods being imported into Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Association Warehouse at the border which holds confiscated goods was torched down during the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, South African home affairs officials have refuted reports that the group of angry people were protesting from both sides of the border.

The officials say demonstrations were only on the Zimbabwean side of the border.

Home Affairs Director General Mkuseli Apleni said: “From our side, we have been informed that police are on alert and that everything is now starting to move slowly.”

32 thoughts on “Business back to normal at Beitbridge

  1. My fell Malawian no wonder that they burnt the offices there at beit brige,anthu akuno sasamala akafuna kuchita zionetsero,amalolera kupha munthu,here life is difficult

  2. …And i quote…

    Business is back to normal at Beitbridge boarder Post in SOUTH AFRICA which was shut down on Friday after Protesters blocked both sides of the boarder.


  3. In fact the riots happened @ Beitbridge Zimbabwe Boarder Post and not at Beitbridge South African Boarder Post,that’s a lie….

  4. This Is Not Our War!! Try To Address Us Issues That Is Affecting Malawi,etc The Killings Of People With Albinisim,Don’t You This Kuti Current Living Standard That Malawian Are Currently Living Our Fellows AnaikhAlako 50yrs Back?

  5. There was no protests @ Beitbridge South African side but rather in Zimbabwe side. No business was halted at Beitbridge South African side as you are reporting. Do not mislead people.

    1. The guy doesnt know what was happening at Beitbridge, Blessings Hassan Matumbi just leave him.Am that person reporting for Malawi24.

    2. Kkkkkk it’s ohk ,bt dn’t comment smthing b4 knows about it.Patrick kunali zovuta kuti ife tiduse mpaka track driver frm Zim anamuwombela anamwalila ndizowona…..

    3. The protest was on zim side and they even went of to burn the warehouse zim side,south Africans has joined jus helping zim blocking on their SA side Mr reporter

    4. Get me right here, what am saying is that its not South Africans who were protesting but rather Zimbabweans. And the South African Home Affairs is helping the Zimbabwe govt to make sure that business at Zimbabwe Beitbridge shud get back to normal.

    5. I follow current affairs quite well and get first hand information not necessarily from online Social Networks but rather from media houses like Tv, Radios and Newspapers. Online social networks tend to write things taken from secondary sources.. Someone told them something who was told by somebody and that somebody was again told by some one

    6. Read ( Saturday News)

      Protesters torched a section of the border warehouse in Beitbridge on Friday as they demonstrated against the Zimbabwean government’s decision to “ban” most imports and promote locally manufactured products.

    7. Unless if my English Teacher failed me… or else Zimbabweans are also South Africans. Any country’s jurisdiction cannot allow citizens of another country to cross boarders and the the latter in protesting: Mukunamatu inuyo…. How did the South African citizens crossed the boarder to help Zimbabweans in the riots?

  6. People in S.A depend on Violence when they want to ask something from their gvt even if they are not happy with something it is like that. The main cause is Capitalist, everything there dedicated to gvt ( hahaha gvt is a father of everything in S.A once say no to pple it means also they are ready to protest even if they are not happy

    1. stupid fool..the protest is on the Zim side of the border..its zimbabweans who are protesting against mugabe..shut up and have your joyce banda Pay Back the Money donated for the poor which she stole…

    1. it was protest in Zimbabwe coz the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is charging too much of the good when people buy from south africa,so they burn the ware house for Zimra.Fortune Kasinjeni

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