Hit them hard: Govt. approves fee hike for UNIMA


The Peter Mutharika administration is not relenting in collecting from every other sector where it thinks it can collect money with the recent news being that the government has approved to the University of Malawi Council that it can go ahead and adjust fees for its generic students.

University of Malawi Polytechnic
UNIMA fees hiked

According to reports, the government has instructed the Council to go ahead with the fee hike which they had proposed to the government. A development that will see the administration on a collision course with the students.

Published reports indicate that the hike will be effective 2016/2017 academic year for the Colleges that fall under the banner of the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

It has been established that UNIMA will be demanding that its first year students which will be joining The Polytechnic pay K380,000 while those that will be starting their tertiary academic sojourn at Chancellor College will be required to pay K320,000.

The students selected to pursue their studies at College of Medicine will be the worst hit as they will be demanded to pay K500,000 while their colleagues in the health sector at Kamuzu College of Nursing will be paying K340,000.

The current fees are pegged at K275,000.

The University also hiked the fees for its mature students.



  1. Well done Gvt we r nt benefiting with this so many called graduates from our universities. Eg 40years has gone since de establishment of Bunda college we r still importing Fruits, hunger is still on our doors. Where r they going? How many r investing in agriculture? Yet they used a big part of our money to get zat education. All in all well done gvt.

  2. But people are paying more than half million kwacha per term in private institutions. Here the unima is only requesting about k350 000 the whole year. I think it’s justifiable. Education is not cheap.

  3. my frnd don’t say that cz munthu anawonoga zinthu zonse ndi brathr wake wapita amazinva xooll kwambili !! xamafuna kunva nzanzake ‘amawona ngati ndiwamuyaya, wat a man lyk him & wat u no iz anthuwa its a sm maind thts why tikungo lilabe anadya cash gat sanala kwise cz amafuna kut,tivutike

  4. Total population of Malawi paying the fund for education which make education free for students.
    Now they says must pay more..
    Handle well not like this…
    Please dont hike the fee..
    Make some thing that keep free education…
    No no no.fee make free..
    Have more education and we malawian become wise…

  5. …. thats it..! how do you expect government to run these institutions without money? Where do you think government get money for you to get a cheap quality academic? you want to get free education and then after you finish studies you go abroad and overseas to save them there,… Well done boma, tiyenazoni bwana, mbewa ndi nungu muphanga limodzi, atabaidwe atuluke…….

    1. … idont need your reply tiyamike, I don’t know you and I don’t need to, amene anakubala ndiamene alibe nzeru coz how can you ask sily childish question just because i comment against your wishes..? idid not shout any1 but telling the truth..

    2. ndikukhulipilira kuti zako zinayera nchifukwa chake ukuyankhulra mutumbwa,you dont consider poorest person who is at the village.kuzikonda bwa

    3. …..That’s why Malawi graduates are considered low class, how can you expect a high quality education without paying for it..? you harvest what you plant in soil. imagine hospital free, education free, food free, so where do you think government is getting money to fill out these gaps? You’re real owners of this land, learn to be on your own. free things are so expensive.

    4. am against #simon barley here how can you think education is only for rich people,,,,,,,,,,we dont need such people like you barley think about the poor

    5. @charles…get my point correct charly, I didn’t say education is for rich only bt i said we must pay for it, if a poor cant afford it then there’s a procedure for government to take care of them.

    6. @charles…get my point correct charly, I didn’t say education is for rich only bt i said we must pay for it, if a poor cant afford it then there’s a procedure for government to take care of them.

  6. Consider average person…. During the tough times the country is going through how the heck do you expect ordinary citizens of this country to get that sort of money from

  7. The country MW Iz failing to employ teachers and nurses of which they spend money to train them so y should we continue going to xool?

  8. They say “Education is your future ” yet the poor are still given a high mountain to climb if they are to receive that education, so where is the future of poor kids?

  9. Educations in Malawi is nothing nowadays look fees is hiked every year but the salary of civo servant remain the same Wat a country Malawi?

  10. Eeeeee! muzamvoterenso. Podzafika 2019 ma fees adzakhala ma million. Musova. The funny thing with Malawians is that the very poor people who are greatly affected are the ones who vote unwisely. Kaya tina khala bwanji kaya.

  11. BUT WE MALAWIANS we must look there and there and see what happen in the world like RSA UGUNDA CAIRO even in USA the SAME just go on BBC news ok

  12. Komaaaa????? Let the poor lament,languish,wail and rotin hell and grind their teeth to end.Their sons n daughter should remain uneducated.The rich let them sprout and flourish in paradise.Dziko la Malawi!!!!!!!???????

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