Bring federalism – Chakwera


Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has urged the country to have federal system of government arguing that the current leadership is continuing misplacing priorities.

Speaking at political rally in Mzimba district over the weekend, Chakwera said the country is in a state of “crisis” due to poor policies by the ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP).

Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera: Made the call.

Chakwera wondered why the children still learn under shade of trees fifty-two years down the mark of self rule and shortage of drugs in public hospitals being a playing song for kids.

However,DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaira said government is doing a lot in as far as development is concerned.

“We are not amused, the opposition always look at the negative side, we have moved for two years without direct budget support,the Kasiya road, technical colleges and roads in cities are just a few,” said Kasaira.

Earlier this year, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) put down calls to adopt federal government arguing the country is not ready to have the system.

PAC comments angered stakeholders who were pushing for the calls and vowed to continue demanding for the system in the country.



  1. Federalism is one way to develop our poor Malawi however many fail to understand how federal government works. It’s clear that southerners can’t welcome this system of government due to misunderstanding of what federal government means. Malawi Government is now in a hot soup due to poor leadership from south yet southerners keep on voting for mphwepwa zawozo.

  2. Mma admark mmonse ufufuze ngati muli chimanga chonse chikuchokera ku mmwera kuno nde winawe ukuti aliyense azidya zake think twice ndi mutu wako wophwanyikawo ……… Abusa…… Abusa ……achani????? Mudya udzu muona….

  3. Federalism would have severe consequences unless civic education is maximised.Or else chaos as to others may feel that it’s time to ensure people go to their regoins of origin.Ther are some tribes that would cry foul yet are on the fore front promoting the idea.This would indeed lead to xenophobic attacks.

  4. it will help few greedy pple who want post,vuto tilinalo muziko muno ndi dyera ,kaduka ,nsanje ,ndikupuwala kwabongo(retard thinking) we can make malawi better place by unite and work as one family

  5. Kodi adagawa kale Mulanje ndi Mumati Thyolo ndiye mukuti naye bwanji?Inu mukutukwana munthu oti wanena pamene wina map anatulutsa kale?Kodi akulamula pano ndiakuMalawi?Zinazi kumaona kaye osati kumangotukwana alomwe anzanga.

  6. As aleader who dreamz about being president of malawi u should let others debate and u watch the space… Its Stupid for u to join the debate and show ur side yet u know forsure that the more u push for federalism the more u creat enemies from the South Thus why it will be difficult for U chakwera to rule Malawi… It will never happen because It seems u hv accepted that MCP cant rule malawi because inthe south kulibeko…… kkkkk Am dissapointed in u…

  7. Chakwera akuziwa kuti sangatenge boma mkuona akufuna kugawana koma asadandaule angopita kumudzi kwao akatenge utsogoleri wa pa mbumba.

  8. I do love chakwera and am ready to give him my all support.but by this remark I can smell intimidation in him due The upcoming elections. A real man can not priotalise this issue but fight to win the whole Malawi osati America campaign now is stink and hot because D.Trump he is taking over .but will never hear that crooked Hillary Clinton expressing the referendum for federal gorvement never and never . Why because she knows that to win the whole united states will bring her joy and she will labelled with beautiful name as powerful woman in the why Federalism Mr hon. Chakwera.? It shows that game yakula and chakwera has surrendered. Shame

  9. federalism yaciani inu,kukamwa kwanu mwanva,mulukanika uyendetsa kacipani kanu ka mcp,ndy mkatiuze mutha ukwanitsa uyendesa central region yonse,inuyo,aaaaaaaa kkkkkkkk.nsanje ndiyo yadya malo apa,ua jelousy of dpp govt,muoneka anzeru poti muli kunja kwa boma,tele ukupasani ulamuliro,mdzayambaso umangotipha,utidulitsa makadi mwankhaza bwaa,zoti mdacitako za ubusa,sizidzaoneka ai.federalism muzipanga ku mcp komweko.

  10. Imagine how dangerous is chakwera hw can a pastor encourage division of mankind?the colonial masters did it before nw wi have no space for this,if its hungry for power jst wait 2019 what is yours will be for you

    • Pali za division of mankind APA man, akukunamizani ndani I thought ndnu ogela, south Africa ili ndi ma premiers inagawanikana pati. Kungot Ku Nyasaland kuno mmadana ndi referendum….ndi chifukwa cha maiko azungu ndiwochtika chifukwa saopa outcome iliyonse..

    • who is dangerous DPP which chase MP on the President’s presence and want to kill him and chakwera who is jast expressing views which are already there by people

    • who is dangerous DPP which chase MP on the President’s presence and want to kill him and chakwera who is jast expressing views which are already there by people

    • A Pangani, why aren’t you ashamed of displaying your ignorance here. When you have little knowledge of something humble yourself and follow issues when those in the know are discussing, in that way you get to know little by little you can then stupify those who tow your line of thinking.

  11. ziri bho aliyense azidya zake. kummwera kulima ayi koma Uhule ndikumangoyendayenda so muyisovenge zanu ndale basi. Muli busy kumadzagula chimanga pakati pano.

  12. Kodi inu kungomva zoti Tembo anali osusa inu kumangosusa dzina zili zonse man kkkkkkk mukazawina madala ine ku Malawi sindizabweranso

  13. kkkkkk it’s true , look here hon Chakwera if u will be elected as a Malawi president are u going to do that ? i think that’s not what the nation need as opposition party leader try hard to campaign by using the right pilitical strategies and dont give and use short term tactics just becouse u need majority and dont forget majority is yours and ur going to rule this nation as long as u stay in power as MCP president and everyone knows that its only Mcp party which can govern the Malawi nation . So don’t be derailed by some ideas which even u cannot happy with , tell Malawians that time is coming when all the drama which happening is going to be history , look what happen in Britain Farage campaign campaign for twenty years now he got it , tell Malawian that its not money they need the nation need justice thats all if we can achieve the we will be blessed as it was before coz idont agree that the country is poor but the policies put in place to run the government are poor and are evil such a small country beautiful but always struggling food while is blessed with fertile soil , please dont loose ur going to rule and stick to the constructive criticism

  14. Iwe wasowa chochta why cnt you ask boma kt lisegulire State of the art Stadium ija,,,uli busy kufuna kugawanisa anthu,,,,No wonder uBusa mudaulephela,

  15. Munthu Wamulungu Akusogolera Anthu Zopusa .Tikagawana Kazikoka Chosatra Chkhala Chan Apindula Iyeyo ?Bwanj Osauza Anthu Mfundo Zotukula Malawi Kma Kmalimbana Ndinkhan Zausamunda Bas Ndakwiya Nawe Chakwera

  16. Kamuzu fought for stupid federation,now someone in the leader of the same party is fighting again for federation… what a shame ! this shows power hungry indeed & these are some points which shows that this party is looking (going) a wrong way. If you Mr Chakwera was voted in 2014,would MCP allow this? Can we change the constituon due to the reasons of a few people who cheat the nation in the name of Malawians representatives? Once again, shame on you Chakwera and ur advisors.

  17. be aware that even peter muntharika proposed federal to be adopted in malawi b4 he became a president bcos he knew by tthen he was having nothing to lose bt since he took over the mantle he change the tune cos he is afraid of losing power to give it to people like in south africa know that federal is not good for the president bcos he wl be trimmed power bt fedral is good for you and me cos wl be given power to take task of asking all malpractices done in govt e.g MSB sale,jet Sale,K577 Billlion cashgate,Issa njauju motive of his dealth

  18. if you don’t know what is federal don’t comment bt go and read cos most comments shows they don’t know what is federal they need civic education otherwise they refuse something that can help them bt umbuli ndi ufiti

  19. I can see Northerners and centrals they want federal cos they have got nothing to lose due to their hard working bt southerners are afraid due to laziness and they benefit a lot from diversional of resources from hardworkers to the lazy due to population bt without north and central working hard in tobbacco field kwacha would have been complete down with this southerners leadership bt if you refuse federal expect malawi not to develop bcos they federal is taking too much power from president and giving it to the ordinary citizen like you and me bt yu refuse you said all powers must remain with the president so that he oppress and steal frm you shame myopic thinking

  20. Ndiye chani m,malo molimbikila kuwona kuti vuto ndichani zithu zikungo kwelera kwelerabe, anthu anga votela zomenezo, mawa azozaliraso

  21. Kkkk when the plan A fails go to plan B just to get some power lol. You broke the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and chose to rule the small peace of land and that very same small peace of land you want to resurrect federation. Mmmm its either just stupidity or hungry for power. For 31 years you told us how good is our system so what went wrong now?

  22. Munthu wamulungu chakwerayi?mpaka kumafuna kugawanitsa anthu. Mbuzi yamunthu. akadakhala kuti amawerenga bible sakadaika fundo yozizira ngati imeneyi. Malawi ake emweyi aaaaaaaaaaaaaa !zazi

  23. THE CONCEPT OF FEDERATION/FEDERAL SYSTEM/FEDERALISM. Federalism is a system of government where the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and LOCAL GOVERNMENT are equal regarding certain powers. The country remain a single independent nation. What happens is that the country is simply divided into provinces or city states. Many countries in the world follow this system eg USA, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Russia, India, China, Iran etc. The USA for example is divided into 52 city States such as Washington, Texas, Chicago, Miami, Florida etc.

    All the 52 city states are under one Central government (the President and the secretaries….. in Malawi they are like ministers).

    The local government are governed by governors, thus, each city state has a governor. Additionally, each city state has its own parliament, and judicial system/courts. However, there’s also a Federal parliament (for the whole country/senate) where each city state is represented by one person called a senator.

    As regards the sharing of powers; local government/ city states are responsible for services such as education, health, housing etc. The central government is responsible for foreign policy, taxation etc. The local government make policies on development projects in the city state, also make laws(in their parliament) so long as the laws are consistent with the constitution.

    This system has both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to everyone to decide whether it is a good system that Malawi can adopt on not. Malawi, at one point in time was once in a federation whereby Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe were combined by Britain (the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland).

    My simple advice is that there is need to provide civic education on this concept of federation for the people to make an informed choice. ( voiceless citizen).

  24. Kkkkk xindikuziwa ameneyi amaganiza bwanji alwyz speechless chili chimaga ndithudi tikanakaziga mmalo mokamba zamzelu ndizobwelesa chiyembekezo koma aaaaaaa zaziiiiiiiii

  25. I think this MCP leadership is full of Chicken-brain people.They always cry for something which is totally out of people’s minds.FEDERALISM FOR WHAT? IF I may ask Mr Chakwera??

  26. Bwana next president,timakukondani koma pokhapa mwalakwitsa chifukwa ndi ongwazi odathetsa stupid federalisation.Ndiye lero chifukwa ogwazi odapita ndiye mukufuna ibwelereso?Ndale zakwathu kuno sizifunika kuzipsera mtima poyankhura koma kudekha chifukwa mawa mukatenga npando umenewu mudzavutika kuyika gear wa reverse.Chimene muyenera kudziwa ndichakuti msonkhano uliwonse mumasiya tima clip timene anzathu azolembalwmbawa amasunga.

  27. there might be two only reasons why chakwera calls for FEDERALISM;
    1- Maybe he see no future of MCP ruling malawi.
    Look at Kamuzu, one who some of we call him Ngwazi-Ngwazi for whatever reason that to me as one is insipid, came and break the FEDERALISM GOVERNMENT. Where is Chakwera lost to call it back and so contract the Ngwazi-Ngwazi.

    2-Maybe chakwera is just doing this to disturb we malawians, so that his Opposition Galb fits him well.
    I have watched him and heard him speak, all i see is a prodigal son who in his greedy mind thought politics can serve him well, he failed to see those dirt that all politicians get themselves into. Foolishly, he thought he would come out clean. ”Sorry, politics is dirty”.
    We have realised that ”we malawians can do something to help our country malawi grow. By being Patriotic, Hardworking and Integrity. No one will come to my house in my house and give us something to eat if we(family) don’t go out to fetch for it. Not to a politician.
    Grow Malawi Grow. Chakwera is lost

  28. u are good at misinforming malawi24.chakwera said people called for federalism coz of development based on regionalism& u are here telling us the contrary.maybe u should listen to zodiak before posting coz i’ve noted that simukhala ndi first hand information

  29. But yet when these MPs are in Parliament, the don’t make any tangible developmental proposals! What they demand is their personal loans so where do you think you can get the developments? Is it not the MCP led government that slowed down development in the 30 years? If Chakwera was really a God fearing Man, he would appreciated what the DPP led government has done. Is it not the DPP led government that constructed the following roads: Kamphata -Nkhoma road, Chilinde – Area 23 road, Lumbadzi – Dowa road, Mponela – Ntchisi road, Karonga – Chitipa road, Ekwendeni-Mtwaro road, New parliament, Kamuzu Museleum, Bingu 5 star Hotel, Guodgi village in area 49 and now, Lilongwe -Nsaru via Kabudula to Nsaru road? Gender – Edingeni road, Area 49 – Lumbadzi road? What else do you want?????/

  30. Chakwera is still thinking of last elections, during MCP error people were still learning under tree, the problem with Malawi is population boom,this tiny country having over 17 million people, let us start family planning

  31. Malawi needs visionary leaders, leaders that can bring back donnors, without donation things cannot go well.

  32. osangomanena zonena nenazitu
    mukanakhala ndi inu bwenzi zinthu zili chimozimozi.
    andale aku malawi asakuwaziwa ndani.
    zolakwika tikuziona tokha,osati muzitiuza ife ngati titati lero ndinu presdent mungasithe zithu,
    mukanakhala amzelu mukana pita kwa pitayo ndikuthesa mavutowa limozi,
    atha ndikumangoyankhula ndi atola nkhani?

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