Harvesting time for Islamic swag remix


The plethora of skills in Islamic swag remix has secured rewards for the fresh Malawi Rap Battles (MRB) production under the leadership of Amuna Misso.

Having dropped on 10th June, the one of a kind remix has made headlines on local media outlets while piling up downloads on the country’s major music sites. Speaking of charts, the song has managed to beat friction to claim its deserved position on local urban music rankings.

The song has within a nine day space managed to find its place in the best 20 songs of the top 100 chart on Malawi music.com. Islamic swag remix is currently on position 19 of the prestigious chart a myriad artists can only dream of.

Misso on the Islamic swag remix.

The magical works of Misso, Blista, NyasaB, CripsyMw, Exiegie, Spar kay, Denmark, NicDam and Psalms make the going smooth and sweaty. In all likelihood it is just a matter of days before something bigger happens to these rappers with their killer verses playing gateway.

Here is a song that can cause insomnia, scaring away any bits of sleep while listening to it. It takes only creative rappers to create a nice piece of music that is very much sweet for the ear. In this regard, if I were to asses every rapper’s performance in the song, the only deserved credit to everyone would be a distinction.

An immaculate hit from the motherland that makes the ear insatiable thereby calling for a repetition as you listen. The sense of creativity as exposed through merging religious signals with hip hop makes it quite distinctive.

Enjoy the song by downloading it through the following link.