Malawian driver arrested for Smuggling Chamba into Zim


Malawian truck driver who was smuggling Chamba to Zimbabwe and fled Nyamapanda border post in April this year has finally been apprehended.

Harrison Mlauzi was travelling to Zimbabwe to deliver tobacco using Dalitso Logistics Pvt Ltd truck and left the truck at Nyamapanda border post after he realised that the police had noticed he was smuggling Chamba.

PoliceThe court heard that Chamba was hidden between a consignment of unprocessed tobacco (Burly stalks) which he was supposed to transport to South Africa.

The tobacco consignment was loaded in Malawi on April 23 this year, reportedly in the presence of operation managers.

On the same day, and at around 4 pm, Mlauzi passed through Biwi Triangle in Lilongwe where he allegedly loaded the 31 bags of dagga.

The trucker then proceeded with his journey and arrived at Nyamapanda on April 26.

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority officers, who were on duty ordered Mlauzi to park his truck in the searching bay for routine physical inspection of the consignment.

Realising that the dagga was going to be discovered, Mlauzi allegedly sneaked away.

Court heard the bags were later discovered concealed in black plastics bags but Mlauzi was nowhere to be found.

With the help of the truck owner, Edwin Banda, the police managed to arrest him on Thursday at beit bridge border post.

According to prosecutors, the Chamba weighed 1,440 kilograms and has a street value of $14,400.

He spent the weekend in custody waiting for his bail hearing on today.



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