Join support groups – people living with HIV urged

HIV Test Malawi

There is no need to be left out nor feel secluded, even if you are tested with HIV.

Malawi has a support system that can guide and protect you emotionally.  

People living with HIV in the country have been encouraged to join support groups in their communities to facilitate easy information sharing and healthy positive living.

HIV Test MalawiThe statement was brought forward by Zomba district coordinating committee chairperson James Maluwa during a meeting conducted in the district.

Maluwa said people who are HIV positive prefer not to reveal their status to avoid discrimination, something which he claimed fuel the spread of the virus. He appealed to communities to show respect to those infected so that they can feel welcome in the society and share their experiences.

According to Maluwa, the impact of the meetings is to make sure that they should sensitise the public so that they know the importance of having the information in order to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

Maluwa explained that such meetings will as well encourage the people who were found with HIV to solve challenges they meet in their day to day life.

He said: “This gathering is important because we are disseminating information about HIV/AIDS pandemic which has spread in the country.”



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