Malawi maintains that it will not impose death penalty for fear of human rights institutions

Patricia Kaliati

Malawi government has disclosed that it will not implement the death sentence in fear of humiliation by international human rights institutions that include the Amnesty International which is also in the forefront against the killing of people with albinism.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: Human rights bodies do not want death penalties.

The development comes at a time when some stakeholders are calling for the maximum sentence to people found guilty of murder in the country.

The stakeholders argue that death sentence can help in putting down barbaric acts of killing people with albinism in the country

But government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati said Malawi has its signature on various human rights instruments that forbids death penalty.

Kaliati added the country wants to put itself away from criminal cases even though some citizens think death penalty will help stop the killings of people with albinism in Malawi.

One of the advocates for death sentence is Paramount Chief Lundu who said the maximum sentence will help in bringing peace to people with albinism in the country.

Meanwhile, Mulanje South Member of Parliament Elias Bon Kalindo is set to parade in his birthday suit to force government to have death sentence being practical in Malawi.

The nude parade has been scheduled to take place on June 23 in the capital Lilongwe to force lawmakers to reinstate death sentence.



  1. Even if you say they will be killed as long as there is mention of money people will go all the way to commit these henious crimes.I think the best punishment is to ampute them without anaehesia so that they should have a feel of what it takes to kill somebody
    If this would be done in a public place people would learn

  2. and the gvmt is stupid coz they allow ppl to kill ppl for nothing like alibinol and the like kamuzu anapanga fundo yachilungamo kuti aphedwe nude njila yabwino anthu anapanga mantha ku amapanga zausilu ngati zimenezi

  3. Malawians let us put our trust in God rather than in politicians since their mission is to stay in power for 3 things: KUPHA, KUBA NDI KUONONGA.

  4. Anthu akumoto inu basii ziko mukuliyendesa molingana ndi satana wa America? Mwasiya pangano la Mulungu?? Muli ndi tsoka onyenga inu kasala kanthawi pang’ono kut mulandire malipiro a ubve womwe muchita..

  5. Ooooohh akupasani ndalama sinanga mwapeza nsikawo ndi inu nomwe..ndi nzeru yanji yoputsa chomwecho? Sono wophedwayo alibe ufulu okhala ndi moyo?

  6. Our Govn needs to stop sleeping and starting strategising concerete methods to kii poverty. This is the main reasom people have come up with to poaching others for their wealthy. Failing to do so, dealth penalty wont bring anything rather conflicts from other donor countries and of course human rights bodies. Our leaders are just there to boost their pockets and not improve welfare of Malawi.

  7. Politicians are the murderous thats why they are saying that no death penalty 4 murders, they afraid of tomorrow guys wake up lets do mob justice now

  8. Akunama a bomawo. Bwanji ku USA kuli lamulo lakupha ndipo akunyongabe anthu. Nenani zina–mukudziwapo kanthu(muli limodzi)

  9. Mind u mobjustice is the best way 4 death sentence followers. Now u hv empowered us 2 break policestations only to kill albino killer thus all.


  11. She right, some of these so called organizations are useless zimapindula kwa iwo akugwira ntchito m’mabungwewo basi. Therefore mob justice is needed apa basi.

  12. Murder is a heinous crime. It is punishable by DEATH or LIFE IMPRISONMENT in Malawi as prescribed in the Penal Code. This means the courts in Malawi can legally sentence someone to death for homicide/murder whether the victim is an albino or not. In USA they Have it and they effect/implement it. HOWEVER, it should be noted that the Constitution of Malawi has a bill of Rights. Additionally, Malawi has signed several International legal Instruments some of which are binding. Malawi also ought to have regard to international norms and public international law. For these reasons, the government of Malawi is justifiably reluctant to implement the DEATH sentence. The problem is NOT our Courts Nor the President. The problem (if it is a problem )lies somewhere in our Constitution which guarantee human Rights or it is in the international legal instruments which Malawi is bound to follow.

  13. Kaye kupanda nzeru a bomawo polankhula, kuopa a fisi a human rights nde kuti chani? Kodi afisi awowo bwanji sakuchitapo kanthu akamaphedwa abale athu ma albino? Nde mau adzakhala nawo akaphedwa okuphawo??? Muziganiza mukamafuna kulankhula athu oipa inu. Pasavute, a human rights wo pamodzi ndi a boma atibwezere abale athu onse omwe anaphedwa aja then adzinena bwino za mkutu zawozo

  14. Akuopa ma insititution omwe kwawo ma albino ali pa mtendere. Sakuopa a malawi omwe tili pamavutofe. Bwanji ma insititution yo sakuthandizapo kanthu. #Endtime!

  15. O00! God 000o ! God, why u let thez pple of abinism t b killed as birds and t thoz who doing dis de evil altitude may u destroy them wth ur swords bcz f u don’t do dat pple can b quearel each oder

  16. Human Rights Instutions My Foot! How About Our Brothers And Sisters Who Have Been Killed By These Heartless Thugs, R U Saying TheY Hd No Right To Life?And The Killers Have Rt To Kill And They Have Right To Life R We Being Serious Here?Opha Mzake Aphedwe Basi,No Time To Worst.

  17. death penalty is for uncivilized nations! a stone age law. there are many things that can cause someone to be killed ranging from accidentally to self defence. So u have to think twice those of you who wants that stupid law

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