Scare after newly born baby gets stolen in Phalombe


Daring thieves have stolen a newly born baby at Phalombe Health Centre in Phalombe district, when the mother had gone to the toilet, police have confirmed.

PoliceThe mother, Tressa Mukoko Kasowa, 18, of Mateyu village, T/A Kaduya in the district says the incident happened after four hours she had given birth to the baby.

Police Publicist in the district, Sub-Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi says the mother had gone to ease herself and when she returned she did not find the baby in the postnatal ward where she was.

Nkhwazi says at this time, lights had gone out at the hospital-a thing the law enforcers say might have given the thieves a go ahead to ‘steal’ the baby.

”A search was done around the hospital but it yielded nothing’ said Nkhwazi while saying police have launched a manhunt for the thieves.

This has left other new mothers at the facility in fear.



  1. truly, a connection between nurses…..mfiti zodya matewera. God will punish every one who is connected to this.

  2. Malawi Amene Ndikundziwa Ine Adatha Ankatchedwa Heart Of Africa Coz Of Peace But Nowdays It Knownas De Heart Of Thieves , Albino Killers But Idont Know Why Are U Doing Dis ? Munthu Kungovutika Pachabe ?

    1. Kodi munthu amayenera kubereka ali ndidzaka zingati?inu ngati xool inakuwetani musanyoze anzanu jst feel sorry pakubedwa kwamwana wake

  3. But dziko la malawi ndilothani?, stealing babies lyk a commodity. Awe,malawi should be kod sodom n gommorah, smo kantry but alot of baberic thngs.

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