Winiko’s friends release rules for naked parade


…No erection allowed

…Gazing at others’ private parts not allowed during naked protest

The drama that has ensued after member of Parliament for Mulanje South Bon Winiko Kalindo dared that he will walk naked if there is no enforcement of a death penalty for those convicted of killing people with albinism refuses to die.

Bon Kalindo

Kalindo plans a naked protest

A statement that has gone viral which is purported to have been authored by the organising Committee of the naked parade has set out a few rules for the parade which are nothing but satirical.

Malawi24 has a copy of the satirical rules from the Press Statement and hereinafter it will be published unabridged:



Hon. Bon Kalindo, MP would like to express his gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received from the general public for his proposed naked parade in protest of the ritual killings of people with albinism and their perpetrators. A good number of people have expressed their interest to participate in this parade.

However, Hon. Kalindo would like the general public as well as those who have expressed interest to take note of the following rules which shall apply during the parade:

1. Cameras shall not be allowed within a radius of 100m

2. Staring or gazing at others’ private parts shall not be allowed both among the participants themselves and the general public (onlookers).

3. Erections during the parade shall not be entertained. If you know you cant hold it up, dont come.

4. Commenting on others’ private parts shall be prohibited.

5. Any kind of touching shall be prohibited

6. While swaying of hips shall be allowed, pole dancing shall not be allowed.

Any person found breaking the above rules shall be deemed as one of the perpetrators of the killings of people with albinism hence shall be stoned to death.

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