Crime: 55 people arrested in police crack down


…as a thief caught after wearing stolen jacket

As one way of reducing crimes in the country, police in Bangwe conducted patrols to round up criminals who roam the streets during night hours.

The police arrested 55 suspects during the sweeping exercise which they conducted in Bangwe and surrounding areas.

Limbe police station assistant deputy public relations officer Widson Nhlane confirmed to Malawi24.

crime (2)Nhlane said the suspects have been charged with offences such as theft, robbery with violence, operating a business without a licence and being found in possession of items suspected to have been stolen.

He said the sweeping exercises are bearing fruits and are contributing to the reduction of crime in the country.

“These operations are bearing fruits since some of the criminals have been terrorising in our residential locations have already been convicted and are serving jail at Chichiri Prison,” said Nhlane.

In a related development, a thief in Kasungu was caught red handed after he was spotted wearing a jacket he stole from a man who was involved in an accident.

The 22 year-old thief was arrested after the owner of the jacket spotted him wearing it.

Kasungu police station deputy public relations officer Harry Namwaza said the victim, George Chipangwa, had a minor road accident in November last year near Chiphaso Parish where he hit a pedal cyclist but the cyclist suffered minor injuries.

The suspect, Josophat Katunga, together with his friends rushed to the scene of the incident and stole various items worth K200,000. They also damaged Chipangwa’s car.

However, on 10 April this year Chipangwa saw the suspect putting on the jacket which was among the stolen items.

Chipangwa then reported the matter to Kasungu police and Katunga was arrested on the same day. He was charged with malicious damage and theft.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating the matter to find the other suspects.

Katunga hails from Chisinga village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu district.



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