Malawi Police officer marries teen he raped


Bosco Manda, who is a police officer at Karonga police station, has married a 15 year-old girl he raped on several occasions, Malawi24 can reveal.

Malawi24 understands that Manda was dating the victim’s older sister and that is when he met the minor.

marriedHe later dumped his girlfriend and began sexually abusing the minor who is a Standard 7 learner.

According to Linda Mwafulirwa who was following the issue, one day the officer took the girl and sexually abused her at a resthouse in the district.

In the morning, when the girl’s father asked her where she spent the night, she revealed that she was with the law enforcer at a resthouse.

The news that the minor had told her parents about the rape reached Manda who sent his fellow officers to seek forgiveness from the girl’s family. Through the emissaries, Manda offered to pay the family so that they should forget about the rape.

The family however refused the bribe and took the minor to the officer’s house where they forced him to marry the teenager.

The law enforcer, who had been married before but was divorced, has since rented a house for the girl as she is now his wife.

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