Steve Spesho’s ‘Chikondi’ topping charts

Steve Spesho

Steve Spesho, son to the late gospel songbird Grace Chinga, has quickly succeeded his mother in the music ministry following his recently released hit single, Chikondi, which is topping urban music charts.

Spesho, who is also a music producer, had his hands on the late Chinga’s classic art work entitled “N’dzaulura”.

His production skills have been exposed further in Chikondi which is undoubtedly the song of the week having got over 60, 000 downloads, just a few days after its release.

Steve Spesho
His song now a hit:Spesho

The song features his sister, Miracle Chinga, and the flamboyant vocals of Peter Banda.

The trio preaches about love as the most important aspect in as far as Godly living is concerned.

The chorus stresses on the need to put love ahead of speaking in tongues like angels in heaven and having strong faith enough to move the mountains.

“Ndinganene Malilime kufanana ndi angelo kumwamba, koma ngati ndilibe Chikondi ine ndili chabe,” they sing on the chorus.

The message targets everyone who overlooks love in day to day living. Preachers who own churches are also being advised to love because preaching on its own cannot guarantee them a place in the kingdom of God.

Chikondi will help music lovers to realise the potential in the teenager, Miracle Chinga who has just proved to be a duplicate of her late mother both physically and musically. Her delivery in the last verse of Chikondi is indeed a killer punch.

Peter Banda is not new to Malawi music; he was also featured in a Propee records production entitled “Siine opusa”, a brainchild of Krazy G.

Here is how the top ten stand.

1. Chikondi by Steve Spesho FT PB and Miracle Chinga

2. Ndinalira by Gibo Lantosi, Zafrey, Stido Legend and Kho Williams

3. Osaopa by David Kalilani

4. Angozo by Piksy ft Tay Grin and Lulu

5. Some more by Che Nkope vs Nancy ft Dan Lu

6. Mukandionekere by Master mind ft Obadia

7. Born again by Cassim Ibrahim ft Mady P

8. Summer by Alee ft Purple-C

9. Nzaulura by Grace Chinga

10. Mozimila by Patience Nama



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  3. it’s not d issue of originating frm a celebrity side!!…analipo & alipo belonging to the celebrity’s side but dey ddnt made it to be on d top..,it’s a matter of talent & God’s nomination which brings out superior product,..they r talented!!…even though som1 hates dem…,der top position wil stil b maintaned!!!!!

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