Gays hit hard by HIV/AIDS in Malawi


…there are over 40,000 gays in Malawi

Gays in Mulanje district have been hit hard by the HIV pandemic as close to 25% of the homosexuals are HIV positive, a study has revealed.

The revelations were made after Centre for Development of People (Cedep) conducted a study on HIV and social behavioural characteristics among gays in the district.

Cedep conducted the study on how gays are affected by HIV between June and September 2014.

The findings reveal that out of the 2000 gays, a percentage of 24.9% are HIV positive, something which Cedep says is an alarming rate and therefore calls the need for concerted efforts.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga & Steve Monjeza

Monjeza & Chimbalanga were arrested having come out as gays

According to Cedep Programmes Officer Rodney Chalera, it is high time that the special group of men who have sex with fellow men need to receive help in the continued fight against HIV in Malawi.

He said that health providers need to treat homosexuals just like other people that require the same attention, hinting on the need not to sideline homosexuals.

The call was also echoed by Dr Khuliyana Kabwere who said that health personnel need to equally treat every person affected by HIV without looking at their sexual orientation.

The study which was also conducted in other districts such as Blantyre, Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Mangochi, and Chikhwawa among others was funded by UN and the Department for Nutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Cedep’s revelations come hot in the heels of a heated debate on whether gays and lesbians are free in Malawi or not after a series of legal process clumped up the debate.

Years ago, media reports in Malawi quoted the Malawi Government as revealing that there are over 40,000 gays in Malawi but most of them operate underground fearing discrimination or threats that may befall them.



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  2. many men in Malawi today are being involved in gaysm coz they are afred of taking responsbilities of parenting en i think this is so due 2 increase in poverty the country is going through. even though the situation z lyk dis Karonga have zero record on this wicked thing en any1 found doing it is lyk creating death 4 himself 4 dirting ngonde culture ‘moral’ Karonga neva tolarate this even police itself knws about how pipo in the district are. Karonga Shall Neva Bring Such Case To Police Coz The Solution Is Already Made ‘KILLING’ thr z sence in my poor english!!

  3. Koma ma gay mukumalela ?bcoz mukanakhala kuti mukupanga ndi wa nkazi ,mwinaso simukanai tenga HIV anyani , mbuzi , afisi ngati zili ndalama bwanji simukulemela ?

  4. Musakane a lhomwe zitsilu inu anthu aumve
    ndizomwe mumapanga kuthako mumafunako chani osamangokoka zimakutu zonyasa ZA azikazi anu bwanji
    Anthu opusa inu dziko linali labwino bwino ili u gay wa Bwera muno chifukwa cha chi gay chanu cho and zanu ndi dzimozi
    but my message z mulungu akukanthani peter nd Alomwe nonse kuyambila govt mpakana nonse mukuchita that z clear

  5. 40000? We don’t have that huge number of gays in Malawi, maybe you’re talking about foreigners but it can’t be that high. Don’t fool these donors otherwise you’ll regret if we give them a chance to do a similar objective study than your money oriented and biased study.=#% Malawi is still not ready;:-+%

  6. Tabloid journalism @ it’s worst. You even include your opinion by the way you write swaying peoples opinions. What happened to no stigmatisation on HIV patients. Do the so called “gays” get a different type of HIV that’s different from the rest of the population?

    And by painting a picture that being HIV positive and gay is a punishment what do you aim to achieve by that.
    What happened to professional ethics?

    Does your story even add any value to the market place of ideas? Or increase homophobia?

  7. Inu mukuti CEDEP kodi mukamayeza aids’yi mumamufunsa munthuyo kuti umagonana ndi ndani? kapena amakuuzani kuti ndi ine gay mundiyeze? please musasokoneze anthu. ndanyansidwa nanu zedi!

    • We are in malawi we don’t support gays here but who was asked in the mentioned district plz if they did investigate who employed them amalawi kumawona poonongela ndalama

  8. nkhani ndilibe koma ndangosangalala ndi chinthuzi cha ma Gaywa, koma makamaka kumbuyo kwaWo kuli man ena Ake avala Malaya Ofiila akuwawowoza aaaa!! andiwaza heavy kkkkk.

  9. Nanunso a CEDEP cholinga chanu ndichotani/phindu limene mumapeza ndilochuluka bwanji kuti muzilimbikitsa zimenezo?kodi kodi azikazi anu ndi amunanso kapena azimuna anu ndi akazi?ngati sichoncho ndiye mukulakwitsa,mokupemphani muthetse mabanja amene Mulungu amavimerezawo mukwatirane ndi amuna/akazi amzanu chifikwa ndintchito za tate wanu mdyerekezi kupanda apo musiye kulimbikisa mchitidwe onyansawo because you don’t known what you are doing plz

    • Kodi amene akulimbikitsawa anabadwa kuchoka kumamuna nzawo/anabadwa kankazi ndi nkazi nzake gosh malawi2 aakumupangila malonda maiko anthu olemela kodi yemwe anayambitsa zimenezi amakhala ndi mamuna nzake /nkazi wake? god iz watching

  10. Koma anthu otukwanawansotu ndima gay, tchimo lawo ndilimodzimodzi pamanso pamulungu, so tidziwathilanso petulo onse otukwana, achigololo, adama, ozembela azikazi awo, ogona ndi azikazi aeni ndikuwayatsa moto, fukwa zonsezi ndimachimo omwe mulungu sakusangalala nawo

  11. Govt should not give them ARVs or doctors should pay no attention when gays to the hospital.I think we must just burn them or spray acid on their faces who cares

  12. Inuyo mwaziwa bwanji? akumaza panga register kwainuyo kuti muzi ziwa gay population.kapena mukumango peka all some or ur encouraging if it is true what are we waitin for lets burn them down with some petrol

  13. Koma ngati adzipezeka please kuwathila moto basi. Sindikudziwa kuti zinthu zimenezi zimaganiza bwanji, sindikudziwa kuti which kind of creatures we can compare with. Because galu is better than them. So please fakani moto if you find those evil rubbish.

  14. Atola nkhani tifuseko
    !!nde kuti kafu fuku wanu anali targetted ndi ma gay okha okha? This is nonsence post something that can please pple

  15. Bollocks! HIV/AIDS has killed a lot of heterosexual people in Malawi. Married people, men, women and their children. Whole families in some cases. Every Malawian knows heterosexual people that died of AIDS. If it’s God’s punishment, what was he punishing them for!? What crap!

    • Bollocks! HIV/AIDS has killed a lot of heterosexual people in Malawi. Married people, men, women and their children. Whole families in some cases. Every Malawian knows heterosexual people that died of AIDS. If it’s God’s punishment, what was he punishing them for!? What crap!