Martse gives emotional performance of ‘Grace Chi’

Martin Martse Nkhata could not help last night but give in to the demands of Chancellor College fun seekers at the gigantic Great Hall after he was asked to perform “Grace Chi” in honour of the fallen gospel songstress, Grace Chinga.

Martse (left): Performing at Chanco

Martse took to the stage in high spirits forcing the audience into uncontrollable roaring. He marked the genesis of his performance with a track titled “why”, in absence of instrumentation but as fire caught up, the instrumental that can be easily identified with Sonye’s guitar added icing on the cake.

When the performance reached its climax, ear damaging screams engulfed the Great Hall. People were screaming Grace Chi! Grace Chi! Grace Chi! calling for the artist to perform the song. Martse bowed down to the demands, but the task proved to be laborious than it sounded.

Grief was written all over Martse’s face as he held the mic while pressing his left hand on the chest but solid backing from the Chirunga community supplied him with the much needed energy to go on and perform the song.

In the song, Martse claims he had a ‘crush’ on the deceased as a sign of ambition. He disses young men popularly known as ‘Ma yoo’ for considering themselves to be good in all angles.

However, the song has a connotative meaning which the artist once explained in an interview with local media.

According to Martse, he did not have a crush on the late Grace Chinga but she was one of his role models.

He argued that he did the song to show the world that even though Grace Chinga’s name was tarnished at some point, the perceived disgrace could not stop him from seeing her as a role model.

Some of his songs that decorated the PSI Malawi sponsored Social Weekend were “Mwapindulanji” and the award winning “Mwano”.

The event ends today with an open air disco at the College’s sports complex.



  1. kkkkkkkkk watibulidwa ameneyo……………………………..zisandikhoze ine eeeshhhhhhhh…akuluwa akukhaunzidwanso nd infa ya mahopewo

  2. nonse mwakomenta apa ndi martse wanu yomweyo ndinu anyani, afisi

  3. Mphatso Malonda dziko likubowa bwanj muntu ulibe nkolowela komwe….. Ngati unapitapo kutali nde kuti ndi ku mpoto……… Kapolo

  4. We loved grace bt God loved her most.let her soul rest in internal peace.

  5. martse……..stand upstraight with confidence u r “”, #GOD’S “” masterpiece!!!……….ma hope ako #ause mutendere

  6. martse……..stand upstraight with confidence u r “”, #GOD’S “” masterpiece!!!……….ma hope ako #ause mutendere

  7. Alaaa musatinyase chinga was alive and u didnt give a shit now she dead n everybody acting like they care ,,,u all didnt even buy her album for crying out loud ….i hate this country

    1. Kkkk you people commenting trash here munthuyu sakunena martse akunena the people who requested the song, they never gave a shit about her and any of her songs but now they acting like they care cause she’s gone

  8. this one really was a very good fan for her….tangoganiza that song ali moyo osamangoyamikila munthu akatisiya….may her soul rest in eternal PEACE…. very sory to martse and the Chingas family…

  9. I stil hav hop that ukwat wa Matse nd Grace uzakadalisidwa with God himself in heaven ndkhumbo langa kut ndzakhale bst mn God bless Matse rest in peace Grace ch.

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