40 minibuses impounded by police

Minibus Malawi
Minibus Malawi
Impounded minibuses in police hands.

In a bid they say is to reduce road accidents in the city of Blantyre,police this week impounded up to 40 minibuses on miscellaneous traffic offences in the commercial city.

According to police, the operation saw commuters under offences of  exceeding seating capacity, expired insurance and certificate of fitness (CoF) and road obstructing, among others being impounded.

Blantyre police Public Relations Officer, Elizabeth Divala told the media that at the moment, half of the owners of the commuters have since duly paid fines to their various offences.

But some of the minibus owners said police did not provide vivid ground on why they impounded the minibuses arguing it was only meant to dupe them off their ‘hard earned money’.

Minibus drivers have been accused of careless driving in Malawi and police believe that enforcing such laws would see the reduction in accidents in the country.


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  1. ngati ikumakafika ku ndix ndikubweleranso,ili bhoo imeneyo,mapepala sayendetsa galimoto koma munthu,ngati waledzerd mugwireni,ngati ali bho basi

  2. ma minbus a mabwana a police sagwidwa, ku Lilongwe a kwa Phwetekere ndi Chinsapo

  3. Good development koma mmbweleso Ku karonga ndi Chitipa amanyamla anthu ngati chimanga kuno pliz pliz

  4. then next step?what about if my offence gets a fine of k50 pin and l bribe you with K20 pin then back into the road?hahahaha!tricks to get bread are many.

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