Organizations worried after suspension of food aid


The hunger crisis has reached alarming levels in Machinga after some organizations stopped distributing relief maize in the area, raising fears that many students will drop out of school.

According to two NGOs working in the area, Mangamba CRC and Yoneco, some organizations that were distributing food relief in the area suspended food aid during the month of February.

The World Food Programme (WFP) was the first to provide food relief to the villagers and according to Mangamba CRC, their aid led to more children going to school.

fisp malawi

Maize: Scarce in Malawi.

However, there is danger that the children who are going to school may drop out since families who have maize now will soon run out of the grain if organizations do not resume food assistance programmes in the area.

Mangamba CRC together with Yoneco conducted a study in area of Senior Chief Liwonde in the district and they found that 60 % of students in the area are not going to school due to the hunger crisis.

The organizations conducted their study in Mangamba, Ngongondo, M’gundiwa, Chikuluma, Nawanga and Limbundungwa villages.

The community organisations have since urged the WFP, Emmanuel International and government not to permanently suspend food aid to villagers in the area as this will affect pupils.

Millions of Malawians are facing a stinging hunger crisis and most of the hunger victims are relying on food assistance by the WFP and other organizations.     

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