G4S guards duping bank customers


Some unscrupulous G4S guards are duping Malawians who use banking services in some of the country’s districts into paying fees for services that are free.

According to a source, the guards demand money from bank customers after helping them to complete deposit or withdrawal forms.

The guards target old people or people who can’t write, demanding a fee of K5000 from each customer they assist.

BribeA source told Malawi24 that he has also seen a guard at a bank in Balaka demanding K3000 from a customer after the security officer had assisted the client to withdraw K30,000 from an ATM.

“When I asked the customer, he said that he was told by the G4S officer that the money is given to the bank as fee for using the machine,” said the source.

The source also claimed to have observed similar incidences on two other occasions.

However, the bank manager for the financial institution where the malpractice happened said he was unaware of such misconducts and urged people to report the incidences to relevant authorities.