Watch us out: Civo warns Nomads

Civo United

Malawi capital city giants, Civo United captain Emmanuel Zoya has warned the Blantyre based giants ahead of the Standard Bank Cup final that the Nomads should expect a tough game on Sunday.

Civo United
Civo await Nomads in Lilongwe.

Zoya added that his team is geared for the final which is slated for the 1st of November in Lilongwe at Civo stadium.

“We are ready for the game and as Civo a win is what we are looking for when we face the Nomads in the standard bank cup final this coming Sunday and we are hoping to make history,” said Zoya.

Zoya further said that Civo United has a bunch of good players who can win it and also said that Civo is now playing as a team.

“We are playing as a team for this reason the Nomads should be very worried when will facing us this Sunday at Civo stadium,” he said.

Nomads: Not afraid.

He added that Civo will dent the Nomads impressive cup records and he also said that they will be looking forward to win their first cup since their last cup victory in the presidential cup against their rivals Silver Strikers in 2010.

However, Mighty Wanderers vice team manager Steve Madeira has said that the Nomads are not shaken and afraid at all.

Both Wanderers and Civo have reached the finals of the standard bank cup twice and this will be their third times.

The Nomads have won it in all their 2 attempts whereas Civo have never won the cup in two attempts.



  1. Zoya you better know that a game of soccer is played on the ground for 90 minutes and not by verbal war. Mukachita manyazi mutamenyedwa 4.0. Ife makhwngwala sitikawagwira or kuwathamangitsa. Muyaluka mmawa.

  2. Iwish all the best to manoma.Am in silent and lcant talk anything before game.Iwill taik more if we ur win and tastration standard bank cup.Bykendo chidzukulu cha mpiriminyo

  3. Yes ofkoz but what we shud kno is that both teams are hungry fr that trophy and whoever wins, will carry the day and let the best tm win, whether its Civo or Be4wad, but futbal is played on the pitch and not on the mouth,,,,,,,

  4. Paja wa bullets aliyense sunday kuganyula basi yanu ija yokhalila kukwela mateam akuphwa,tizakumenyelani limozi ndi Zoya.Paja tinanena tht zikho zose chakachino tikoka ulendo nazo ku lali luban.winawe takulekela ligi muzilimbilana ni mafco olo mabanka.

    1. Not sign of kugonja has such,koma atlist neba naye wapezeko polilila nanga titenge zose zikho zoona inu?Manoma ndi nyelele sanje tilibe so o th best BB tengani ligi if u can.

  5. Zoya,mouth does not..,and has never played futbal..,if the one spekng ths were legs and head..,it would have been true…NOMA 4 real!!!

  6. kkkk mafana ndiwo amayankhula zimenez…..nomads will make it out sunday….ana achepa madolo nokha umbon muli nawo…..tionana sunday bas

  7. Chabwino ife ngati nyerere, tadzimvera tokha zomwe E Zowoya wanena. Its a tough game indeed, but one thing that iknow is, Noma will win de game. Believe me

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