Heavy storm kills man in Kasungu


…destroys houses in Mzimba

Heavy storm has claimed one life in Malawi’s central region district of Kasungu and has left other people destitute as having destroyed over 20 houses in the evening of Thursday, October 29, 2015.

According to investigation officer at Kasungu national park, Mr. Edson Chitali, the deceased has been identified as Sydney Mkungula.

He said the man was working as a driver in the department of wild animals at Kasungu National park.

Chitali said the deceased met his fate as a roof collapsed on him due to the heavy storm that hit the area on that evening.


The rainy season is back.

He added that Mkungula died after being taken to Kasungu hospital and reports shows that he died due to much loss of blood.

Apart from that, the storm has also left over 20 families helpless as their houses, food and other items have all been destroyed by the storm.

In a related development, heavy rains that hit Mzimba district on Thursday, Octobet 29 also left at least 20 people injured with over 50 houses destroyed.

Councillor for the affected Kafukula area, Tobias Mvula, says Kafukula police, Kafukula secondary school, Kafukula clinic and other houses in the area has been destroyed by the rains.

Meanwhile, the disaster manager at Mbelwa council, Thom Munthali, confirmed the development and says over 30 families in the area has been affected by the rains and says are in need of immediate help of plastic papers, food and other items.

Some reports made available to Malawi24 show that some parts of the country yesterday experienced heavy rains.

Malawi24 is currently following reports that headteachers’ office and school blocks at Mphedzu at Chisawani zone in Thyolo district have also been destroyed.



    • The doors of heaven are near to be open, so any one should stop any bad thing that he/she waz doing, becoz the kingdom of God is near!

  1. JB, Chakwera ndi Anyapapi akufuna Federation, atodziwapo kanthu. Pofunika kuwasecha mmatumba. Makamaka Chatsikayu kuzolowera kubera a khristu kuna kuzaba zam’boma ng’oooo azitibera ndi me to u man, ndi nzakeyu. Kwa okhuzidwa God has special plan 4 u. Tilire monga anthu a chembekezo…..

  2. The bible said,”we must thank GOD in everything”.In other chapter of the bible it says”all the seasons are very hash! or hard because, we are the siners”.Just thank GOD that you have got water,in South Africa,there is a serious water crisis because of the heat wave that the country is experiencing now more especially in durben where xenophobia started.

  3. Mulungu akufuna atiphinzitse kuti nthawi zina tiziyankhula bwino i remember zitachitika ku south last year timawanyoza ponena kuti adavotera peter thats why zidachitika nanga lero ife zachitika chifukwa choti tidavotera ndani?mulungu siwosewera naye.

  4. Ndinu mbuzi kwambiri. Kuno ku Mzimba North West nde zinthu zavuta kwambiri nyumba zagwa, anthu akugona panja, ma ADMARC asasuka koma u don’t report. Regionalism at work. Federalism! come quickly pliz.

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