Mzimba youths told to hold their libido


Malawi Health experts have advised youths in Mzimba district to hold their libido as the only sure way to avoid contracting HIV/Aids.

Coordinator of ART in the district Absalom Kaunda sounded the advice during a three day workshop aimed at imparting the youths with sexual reproductive health and HIV/Aids knowledge held at Mame motel.

sexual-assault-symbolKaunda said youths in the district must not be deceived with other ways like using condoms saying they are sometimes unreliable.

“Abstinence is the only perfect way to avoid contracting the virus. It’s easy to hold libido thus they must consider holding their randy,” said Kaunda.

Monitoring and evaluation officer for Global Hope International Micheal Phiri echoed the same sentiments adding that sometimes it is easy to follow tough ways for perfect solutions.

Phiri added that his office has managed to train many youths on how to abstain and   expects them to share the same to others.

“We are training about 100 youths from the age of ten. We also trained religious and traditional leaders who we expect to echo the same to others,” said Phiri.

This comes after a health survey indicated that Mzimba is one of the districts where HIV is on the rise.



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