Nkondezi weather station robbed


crime (2)Reports reaching Malawi24 indicate that criminals have stolen various equipment worth MK550, 000 at Nkondezi weather station in Malawi’s Nkhatabay.

Senior meteorological assistant manager at the station Amosi Chimbwira confirmed the incident.

Chimbwira told Malawi24 that before the incident he left the office secured enough but the criminals seem to have had their way in.

“I left the office secured but during the morning I found the office broken and things stolen,” said Chimbwira.

He added that the matter was reported to Police who assured them that they will investigate the it.

Police in the district have since urged the public to provide them with information that can lead to the arrest of the criminals.




  1. Why r u having this kind of situation in our beloved?something is going wrong,pls someone must do something b4 criminals take full control

  2. Amalawi, mpaka kuba zipangizo zopimila nyengo? kkkkkk ndalama yavutadi pa Malawi

  3. Yesterday it was @#MASELEMA where 1robber was Short dead & 1police officer was also dead”as we cn see nw our country there is 2much #GANGSTERISM as compared in the past’So there is need 4the big business owners 2b aware 4this circumstances like having enough n’trained security Guard,

    1. #RADSON ur foolish bcz sindinalembe Gamsterism”isaid Gangsterlism,meaning that Stealing using heavy weapons like GUN n’this pipi r,called gangsters,ngati sukuziwa better 2remain silent

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