Prophet fathers babies with nine girls


Police have rescued 18 girls aged from 11 to 16 abducted by a prophet who fathered babies with nine of the young girls.

The rescued girls

The police station together with community policing rescued the 18 girls and the babies at Donda village T/A Njolomole in Ntcheu.

The ages of the infants range from 1 month to 2 years while the ages of the girls range from 11 to 16.

Police said the father for all babies is Prophet Harrison Chatepa, of “Voice of One Calling Ministry”.

According to Ntcheu police public relations officer Hastings Chigalu, the girls were trafficked from Mwanza, Neno, Blantyre, and Balaka.

The man had been unlawfully keeping a group of people including the young girls that marks the exploitation of right to education and health.

Reports from Ntcheu police station indicate that the suspect was arrested in three years ago in Neno for abducting girls.

“Following the arrest of Prophet Chatepa, his followers were hiding and residing in the forest in Neno waiting for the prophet as they were praising him as semi-God then they transferred to Ntcheu,” Chigalu said.

Meanwhile, the 18 girls and the babies have been sent to Lilongwe by YONECO in conjunction with ministry of gender, for security and to have medical attention as the people’s conditions is showing skin rashes.

The prophet is on the run and Police are investigating the matter.



  1. Mwalemba bwino nkhaniyi thanks a lot.Nyasa times nayo yalembanso nkhani yomweyi koma manyakatu.

  2. I think the law protects young ones of certain ages from having their full identities/ faces published in the media. Please check on this.

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