Bald man beheaded

Mozambique Bald Men Attacks

A bald-headed man aged 86 in Mulanje was on Thursday found dead with his head cut off.

The killing of Harrison Makwate has been linked to attacks on bald people for rituals which are happening in Mozambique

Mozambique Bald Men Attacks

According to reports, Makwate who was from Makuluni village, Traditional Authority (TA) Njema in Mulanje was killed and his body was dumped in a pit latrine.

Malawi Police have since arrested Thyolani Khoriwa aged 23 in connection to the murder as a manhunt for two other suspects Davie Pheliwa and Berto Njenjeule is still on.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Thursday, National Police spokesperson James Kadadzela said they are to engage various stakeholders to end the senseless killings in Malawi.

“Our main strategy is sensitizing communities and civic educating those that are in business that killing someone cannot help them get rich, some people just want to steal from them,” said Kadadzela.

He further urged bald people to be on the “lookout” arguing they should be tipping the police any person posing a threat on their lives.

The killing of bald people was first reported in Mozambique as some witchdoctors are said to have been demanding the human skull of a bald-headed person to break chains of poverty for clients.

Attacks on bald people comes at a time when Malawi is yet to declare victory on the fight to end killing of people with albinism



  1. Kupanda umunthu, umbuli, umphawi ndi kupanda mantha ndikomwe kukupangitsa zoopsazi. Opha mnzake nayenso aphedwe. Silamulo labwino, eti?

  2. Muthuyu amakhala ndi anthu ndipo amamudziwa kuti analinso ndi dazi.Stiff penalties for the perpetrators just as it is done with DRIVERS

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