Malawi told to have two-child policy

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Malawi government has been advised to introduce a policy of limiting number of children per family so that the population should stop increasing rapidly as it is the case now.

This comes at a time when recent studies have shown that if Malawi will not take care then its population might double by the year 2030.

Chidanti Malunga: 2 children can be fine

Nsanje West constituency Member of Parliament Chidanti Malunga has said government should put in place a policy that each family should have a maximum of two children which can help in avoiding problems that might come if the current population doubles.

“Let’s limit number of children in the family, two children can be fine. I know that if we say one child per family most Malawians will not accept that,” Malawi24 quoted Malunga speaking on taxpayer funded broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

Malunga who is chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture added that limiting the number of wives that a man marries to one wife per man can also help the country prevent woes that come due to overpopulation in a country.

However, such a policy will not be very easy to formulate and enforce since it might bring some misunderstandings among Malawians as some customs and religions highly regard having so many wives and children as important things.

Presently Malawi which is ranked as the poorest country in the world has a population of between 17 and 22 million and if it doubles then it might be between 34 and 44 million.



  1. the limited resources we have were intended for the 6 million people during the Kamuzu Era, high unemployment rate and the rise in Crime rate is our own making, if we don’t put this population growth in check we are heading for disaster, w

  2. afika mochedwa malamulowo analikuti galu akuyambisa zimenezo tazingokhalani ngati mukulepela kuyikapo fundo zanu izo

  3. Wat kind……..children are blessings…why limit their production…,malawi ikanakhala kuti inapanga adopt child policy kalekale….bwenzi enafe kulibe…coz enafe mu ma families mwa makolo athu muli atleast four..even more…mudzingopitiliza ndi za subsidy zanuzo a government…mwatilira..

    1. the standard of living is directly linked to population status, fees ku college ndi over 700 gland abwana, anawotu deserve a quality life bwana, kuwamana zofunikira ndi kupha komwe, inu ndi ine anthu oti tinapita ku school tayenela kowonetsa chitsanzo on the change of mind set

  4. Kkkkkkkkk too many policies we have and failed to achieve, let alone people decide or make choices based on current and future impacts and implications… those young people who are in majority will still need to have children, booming even further the population…

  5. Apange zimenezo kwa okhao omwe amalandira zinthu kuchokera ku bomako osati ndine ndemwe, palibe chimalandira ine kuchokera ku Boma I strive myself to make ends meet. ZAUTSILU!

  6. Even if you can , zero child per family, still we will not have , good roads, our universities will still be close, our death rate shall remain the same, no medications in our hospitals, no money to pay our Civil Servants. They shall still be money for the President to on holiday in US, our ministers will be richer in a week time. Government have failed even to feed the street kids , can’t even feed the Prisoners , the list is endless. Unless we wait until Jesus come to take away the spirit of Selfishness and Corruption in the hearts of our leaders , maybe is when you can introduce this stupid idea . Until then let the current government take as many as it can take before the next government comes in and take their portion too

  7. African presidents were been bride to implement this policy after the last G20 summit in Geneva which they said Africa issue was the top on agenda to discuss. Now they distribute birth control pills to the hospitals any man or woman going for treatments doctors will ask how many children you jave. As you tell they included this pills for you without your knowledge and that’s your end to child bearing. Africans why should we till today still be under the influences of western rule. When would we have our voice to say NO to what we don’t want happen for us.

  8. Kkkkk..NDE zivutatu…what about my ammunition that I have loaded for attack on our beautiful girls..kkkk..tiberekane ngat mchengaa ngangaa..

  9. Ku mpoto kuno ife bvuto tilibe ku nkhani ya za chiwerengero. Bvuto lathu ndi anthu a kumwera ndi pakati moti atitopetsa ndi kupempha malo maka ku Nkhata Bay kuno

  10. How many children do the law makers each have? Instead of this advice or law try to improve The economy and stop corruption and use the money to improve the economy

  11. Look the levels of illiteracy are just too high so unless you plan on improving that first its best to stop selling ideas that will be shot down before they take off. The whole issue with chiefs and old systems is also a problem you cant have both the old culture and new without one giving a little for the other to exist people have many kids because they want to bank on their name being carried on and while medical facility fail to improve life expectancy its difficult to convince people that they should bank everything on two kids the education alone will not solve this problem. Key issue is people need to accept that its time to change from the old ways if we are going to develop and im afraid that msg is not welcome in malawi hence our continued failure to move beyond basic survival even after 53 yrs of independence.

  12. Hahahahaha instead of taking Malawi forward by implementing good life skills..then you worsting a time sitting in Parliament discussing about this nonses things
    … …

  13. Paja ndi verse liti lija akuti belekanani muchulukane ngat nchenga lija?likanakhala boma likuthandiza achinyamata powapasa nchito bolani koma aliyense akuzigwilira nchito ekha ndi ufulu wake kukhala ndi ana 10 linali ganizo labwino likanakhala kuti boma lathuli ndi losazikonda lopanda dyera lokonda anthu ake zikanamveka

  14. How is the government going to enforce this…? Only MCP then was capable of this..some ngos will want tocash in on this in thename of human rights

  15. apa ndiyezikuone selatu kut malawi ndiyazisilu busy kukambirana khan chizungu ndichifukwa ana athu samatha kulemba chichewa

  16. Why are people against this?? Malawi has less natural resources, less schools, poor quality of education, poverty and ofcoz the country is small.

    Looking at the statistics Malawis population is increasing rapidly and Malawians by majority can not afford to live in neighbouring countries. Since Malawi depends on donations ofcoz they should reduce their population increase to meet the needs of every household.

    I see why some people can be against this. You want to use the Bible!! Okay continue mawa you will be the same people saying God forgot you when poverty hits hard

    1. Why seek riches on this earth? Rather believe, get saved, and live for the Lord to store up riches in Heaven. That is true wealth. This world is just for a little while, Heaven is forever. So to hell with government trying to be God, instead follow God. And God said, be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth.

    2. Why seek riches on this earth? Rather believe, get saved, and live for the Lord to store up riches in Heaven. That is true wealth. This world is just for a little while, Heaven is forever. So to hell with government trying to be God, instead follow God. And God said, be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth.

  17. Now you are opposing GOD that we have to multiply like sand on the sea.Hell no i will have many as long as i can feed them,clothes them,give them shelter and send them to xul.

  18. A Malawi ndinu okanika mumangosusa zilizose..kwa ine its a good idea munthu uzikobeleka ana ambirimbiri koma ukulephera kuwadyesa,kuwaveka ndikuwa phuzitsa at the end you blame government that it is not helping you koma zinthu zoziyamba nokha..think guys osamangosusa poti anzanu akususa nawo

  19. Enafe mabanja mwakwatu tinabadwa no 3 ena 4-5 kumapita kusogolo ndiye oyamba ndi wachiwili anamwalila aliana ochepa ine ndisanabwadwe ndiye akanayimila pa awilipo makoloanga bwezipano alindi ana? komanso mfundo imeneyi ikanabwela nthawi ya Kamuzu tachulukafe tiku comenter zopusazi kuti ndinfundoyabwino bwezi tilipo? Zachibwana zimenezo mitengo ya katundu kumangoti mwakweza mwakwezanso mwakuti chifukwachoti mmabanja akumabeleka ana oposa awili?

  20. Unfortunately they only look at Birth rate/Rapid population ….but is anyone there concerned of the current rapid deaths; happening everyday by means of road accidents; HIV/AIDs; cancer; asthma; TB; Malnutrition death in Children; etc????

    Unless you control on rapid death population,Malawians cannot only have two Children::;…. Bcoz for instance , if I lose them both on a road accident that results in none!
    Imagine by then my wife is over 40?!

  21. The idea is true & good. Only that people need to be sensitised greatly on its importance. Think of how hard was it to introduce contraceptives, but now others are even paying for that. Face to Face conversations can assist much. Keep on trying, it will work! Experience is a best Teacher. We learn from the past to manage the present & change the future.

  22. Ndiye muyike zaka zokhalira mbanja pobeleka ana awiriwo zikakwana ife amuna tizipita ku kabeleka ana kwina.Mr can u bring something important for national development not this ruined issue.

  23. That’s gud option, cos having more children means an extra mouth to feed, clothing, school fees ,accommodation,and so on, later on leads to poverty to everyone concerning Government too

  24. That’s gud option, cos having more children means an extra mouth to feed, clothing, school fees ,accommodation,and so on, later on leads to poverty to everyone concerning Government too

  25. kkkkkkkkk koma??ine nde ndi mpositoli ndipo momwe ndangoteromo mwadziwilatu…kkkkkkk belekanan muchulukane ngat nchenga wakunyanja ndipo muligonjetse dziko lapansi.

  26. All nations are blessed in different ways,and Malawi its not spared on these. What if you learnt from someone that the poor nations stands a high disadvantage of different abuses from other nations and at times its the population that acts as a security from some sorts of torture that other people would drop if there was no high population. I know am not being too clear on this. You will never stop raising resource complaints, and that’s a human nature.

  27. Ine ndikuganiza nambala yayikulu ikhale 4 ngati anthu akufuna ana wochuluka chifukwa 2 anthu sangalore

  28. thumbs up mw we really in difficult tyms wea we dont nid to hv too many children the population is growing high yet the land is still the same wea do we think we will live with those 7 kids in future? and bfore we end this lets end polygamy poti nayoso leads to overpopulation nde think before u act

  29. large number of children in a family is not bring about poverty,because children r not the one misuse your taxes money in general they are not in a position of doing corruption think twice people chifukwa inu munabadwakale ndie azanu asabadwe ?you r against God will.

  30. Absolutely nonsense, (government have nothing to loose) tichulukane as much as we can bible says apo bii lolani homosexual ichitike chifukwa sazikhala ndi ana nde mukhale pheeee kudikila mkwiyo from our heavenly father

    1. Exactly. I’m white and it saddened me when I was in Malawi, and 90% of everything in shops comes from South Africa; to see all the UN people and USAid people pretending to care about the locals but it’s all about testing vaccines on Africans, it’s all about getting a grip on Malawi and then forcing them to legalise crimes against humanity = sodomy, abortion. (“if you don’t legalise it, we’ll cut your aid”). So please Malawi, start doing things for yourselves, stop relying on overseas as it will be your destruction. If you want to see what the outcome will be, look at South Africa – a true living hell. More jobs, more money – and zero good churches, witchcraft, sodomy, child murder, paedophiles, incest, high aggression, tribal wars, removal of freedom of speech, they kill you and nobody cares about life… but hey, at least the West loves SA.

  31. Mwangomva kuti kwinako zikumatheka ndiye ku Malawinso? After tinamva kale za izi sizachilendo koma kuno ku Malawi palibe vuto after all sintchito ya boma kulera ana zipatala ndi masukulu za boma ndi mbiri ya kale

  32. Find me a verse in the Bible where it is written to have two children per family then we need to adhere but if not it’s the works of the devil so that we all sin because of killing of unborn babis

  33. Kodii Mesa mulungu anati belekanani ngati ntchenga? Ndiye inu mukuti awili ai dziko lamalawi ndilowopa mulungu ife timvela mulungu osati inu

  34. Your government doesn’t feed our children,if you fail to deliver services to your constituents it is not because of rapid growth of population

  35. Auze achewa ndiamene amabeleka ana ngati makhoswe,ifeo atumbuka ndi angoni ndife anthu wophudzira timabeleka m,mene tifunila,choka apaaaaaaaaa

  36. Its very nice to have the children that you can well take care of, this encluds very good eduction, but what i know about this policy is that, Malawi yathu akufuna arowetse ufuru wotaya mimba, komanso anthu adzikakamizidwa kuchotsa mimba,kuteroku ndi zomwe akufuna anthu awa, tisayang’ane za uyu wayamba kuchiururayo ayi athuwa akumayamba akomana kare pansi panyanja akudziwana, ndipo akudziwa chimene akunena, apa mpngoyambira chabe, osadabwa anthu ambiri ochokera m’maiko ena ngati America, Engrand ndi ena ambiri ariponse ponse m’mdziko rathu kukomana ndi azitsogoreri athu, mukuganiza nkuthandiza kokhakokha ayi akukambirara za NEW WORLD ORDER, mukuganiza athu onsewa akungofa basi, no Satanism is taking over, and engets from satan are over in the name of helping, whatch out Malawi

  37. Even if you can say you don’t want anyone to have kids; If this kind of government will never change it’s policies, as it is now, it won’t help anymore, because to reduce the number of children in the Malawian families is not the strategy, that is just the human social, not a God will, so, just bring the truth in government and seek God & be honest amongst you the president and entire cabinet, you will see your country will change immediately, and alot of achievements.

  38. Told by who? Mzungu? If so then tell them that they can not continued to dectate us what to do, for to have children here is blessings from good not by choice, therefore if l and my wife feels to have 2 or 10, no one needs to stop us. If u ask me why? I guess u know that ine simzungu wa ku america!!! Ine ndi mwana wa mu africa ( Malawi)

    1. Hey not all the mzungu think like this… I sure don’t. Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth. The true enemy is the Zionist movement, which controls the media, governments and banks. They control the governments, which then put pressure on places like Malawi to comply. It’s not a black vs mzungu thing.

  39. ndani akunena zopusayo panene iye ana ake Ali mbwerekete mtchiremu ena akuchita kuiwala ndi maina omwe, Ndi poti amane amene amuti dad ndi awiri si nanga enawo ndi ma fatherless oti amawaona pa chaka kamodzi ,ndiye alufuna kuputsotsa anthu pane iyeyu akudyerapo ndalama nanga kulimba mtima nkunena zonveka zimenezi poti nothing is 4 mahara

  40. Kkkkk zodadwitsa ndinthu, anao akachuluka boma limapangapo chiyani olo kwa okalamba limapangapo chiyani.Tell them get lost.

  41. That’s great idea , even though I don’t like this government.anao akadwala amafuna kupita kuchipatala, amafunikanso kuti amphuzire,amafunikanso aziyenda miseu yabwino ndiye zosenzi ndiudindo waboma kuti amange zipatala komanso mankhwala asasowe.boma limafunikanso kumanga schools zokwanira ndichiwerengero chawanthu ndiye ngati tachulukana zimavuta kumanga zinthu zonsezi.ndikugwirizana ndi boma.

  42. Kodi iwe ndizimene akutuma anthu adera lako,, kapena unasowa zolankhula nthawi yako yolankhula itakwana??????,,,,vuto lili ku malawi kuno si kuchuluka kwa anthu ayi koma kuba,zimenezo ukayambe kuyiuza mbumba yako wamva

  43. its better to digest what the govt has said or suggested with a sober mind not with our emotions. ln the long run its the population thats gonna benefit if this issue is well understood

  44. Kwa ine sizitheka, imeneyi ndi programme ya ine ndi akazi anga, mmalawi muno even titati tiphe anu athu tisale makolofe kuti tithese mavuto, ndithudi mbamba mtheradi shuwa, mavuto sangathe!!!!! Kuba, kuponderezana @ its best, thea 4 just shut yo mouth .

  45. Malawi parents should have a free choice on their childrens numbers. Considerate parents know their responsibilities before God. They should not be regulated by laws. May God bless the people of Malawi, especially its families with their fathers, mothers and children.

    1. Speaking/writing with sober mind, we need that line of thinking osati kumangowawata zinthu zopanda pake akakhuta ndalama za CDF ndi ma allowance aphwamwamwa aku parliament

    2. Speaking/writing with sober mind, we need that line of thinking osati kumangowawata zinthu zopanda pake akakhuta ndalama za CDF ndi ma allowance aphwamwamwa aku parliament

    3. With all due respect Germany has a birth rate of 1.5 per woman compared to Malawi with 5 per woman. Sounds like your fellow Germans need to be reminded of their responsibility to God more so than us. Meanwhile Malawians need to address the chronic imbalance between our resources, jobs and overpopulation.

    4. @Atui Weni: you are right. I am defending the family and the corresponding children in Germany. I also agree that the family and their children need a substance to live on. Thus I definitly think that a country like Malawi needs support and its own efforts to achieve this. This is growing out of the christian understanding of the family, father, mother and children. They deserve all reasonable support. However, this is up to the resonsibility to the parents and their love not to be overruled by some government, which has to support its people. I have family of 3 children, now all educated and in business and the first grandchild is in. That Germany has a birthrate around 1.5 is very much to be deplored, causes many other problems and often is due to the egoism of many young people.

    5. Stephan Hitzel Congratulations on your grandchild. That is such a blessing. I agree that if Malawi continues with the current population growth it will forever be “a country that needs support”. But we don’t want to be dependent forever. Donor fatigue since the world recession makes it impractical to not come to this realisation. Furthermore some of the families with 5 children are living in abject poverty. If they had fewer children they would be better able to utilise their income to provide sufficient nutrition and education to set the children for upward mobility. I think that the young people in Germany have realised this too and have 1.5 not out of ego but of a sense of responsibility to their offspring. Currently Malawi has 5 births per woman. Germany has 1.5 which you find deplorable. How many would you recommend?

    6. 2-3. However, it is the parents dignity to decide. To press by governmental law is against dignity of mankind. As explained it is the responsibility and dignity to decide. It is a matter of education to decide. And by the way most Germans could afford to bring up more than 1.5.

  46. M’mene MALAWI analili 50z ndizosiyana ndipano, koma nthaka ndiyomwe ija, sikukula. Ndiye ndizoona komaso ndibwino atakhala m’modzi.

  47. Amene akufuna abeleke basis.who is asking this to my nation?zachuma atilangize,z ulimi same story ,zandale amatiuzanso chochita.this is going too far.akutilowa mkati.footseeekk

  48. Thats a brilliant idea poverty is too much in Malawi, whats the use of having 7 kids which you cant even afford to send them to a proper school, feed them and even putting a proper roof on their head, useless Malawians please use brains for once

    1. Zamkutuu, ine i’ve got 6 but i’m able to feed them, send the to xool while wina even awiri or mmodzi sangakwanise kuwasamalanso. Osangoloweza ndi kukopela mzeru za azungu ayi, stop that line of thinking…

    2. Yes indeed you are able to feed them but think of the future in terms of land. Land in not growing it is the same. Your children will have children how about the land which will produce food? So za mkhutu think for the future.

    3. thus truebro what’s the use of having more kids? cos having more kids means that more responsibility of taking care of them like , which is more mouth to feed, dressing,school fees , accommodation etc.

  49. We need the knowledge on how everyone can support his family appropriately not just speaking because you have mastered some education then bringing strange ideas.

  50. Unduna wina kuno wamangitsa munthu wina chifukwa chopezeka akugulitsa kanyenya wa mbalame ngati zija amagulitsa pa Lirangwe zija.Ati malingana ndi kuno sikololedwa kupha nyama zakuthengo monga mbalame,mbewa,nkhululu ngakhale njoka.Kusamalatu zachilengedwe kumeneko anzathu.

    1. Use brains dude how can you have 5 children you can even afford to send them to a proper school never mind about health insurance, this is why you always complain about hunger each and every year

  51. I give u chance only 2019 , 2024 is maine I will win , I need to creat job to every one who can work and get money to help there families

  52. Ife sitinabeleke apa and inu muli kale ndi ana 7 nde mukufuna kut ife tidzakhale ndi ana awili? Ngat muzidzawadyesa ndinu its okyy but if iwil be de 1 feeding them nde mukunama

  53. That’s good makamaka chigawo chakumwelaku mmmmmmmmm akwanisa mawu amu Bible anthu anadelekana mmmmmmmmm ngati ngumbi Kkkkkkkkkk

  54. Government has warned his people. But if the population refuse to yield to the instructions, in future individual will control number of children when poverty bites harder on a family.

  55. pathako pako amene wayambitsa mfundolesss yo ngati wa gonja zako izo usova ife tikanabeleka ngati amazadya kunyumba kwako kapena kwa amako fotseki

  56. Mfundoless, mumapeleka ndalama kuwana obadwawo mkumati mwatopa?? mbuzi zatha ntchito udzanene pakhomo panga udzachoka othamanga.

  57. stupid issue,,, tikudyesa tokha more over ndinu mukutikolola ife ndimisokho ndikusaigwilitsa ntchito moyenela, nde muzibwela ndimfundo zopusazo kwaife, mukanika kuganiza zanzelu zotukula ziko kumalimbana ndiathu?,,

  58. Kkkkkk.Amalawi sadzatheka..Firstly fight corruption before coming to family issues..Kukhala ndi ana awiri sizingasithe kathu.Chifukwa chani mukaphunzira mumaganiza mofoila? Mukufuna akuyamikileni ndani? Azungu kapena? kapena mwayamba kabungwe ndiye mukufuna njira yokopera azungu? sizikuthandiza…Mukupepha ukapolo.

  59. If It Wil Be Like That Poor I dear I Think The Best One Is To Have Age Limit! I Suggest It To Be …..? Not Abusing The Paths Of The Youths..

  60. kma za lero abale mpaka kupanga oppose something created by Jah nanga kwa Iwo omwe alibe mwayi wa mwana m’mesa akadamadalira enawo,

  61. Zopusa inu mwaberekabereka mwakatseketsa ndiye nkumati ana awiri bac? Azizandidyetsera ndikazakhala ndi 4?

  62. Malawi don’t wait for someone to tell you UK China Japan etc were not told they oversee the future and planned before the problem came out of hand

  63. If the problem rised then the employment issue…
    There any goverment can not creat so much employment that fine…good
    But some other probelm are steal there remains

    1. Chizungutu apa baba sizinayende???…nde mwati triple twins? ???…3×2 making it 6 aza breaka record tu eeh kapena inuyo munayamba mwapangapo “triple twins” yo ???

    2. Thatz a case by case scenario. But this is the way to go, otherwise Malawi is going into oblivion. There is a great mismatch between real GDP growth rate and population growth. We are a sinking nation

  64. kodi ensa # ananenakale kuti every they should have only 4 chidrens so why akubweleza the same story maybe they are pipo dont know? zachamba eti

  65. Thats the only solution to our problems.But for this to work, Malawians must be educated on this issue..population growth versus economy.The higher the population, the poor the services from the government to the people.

    1. “That’s the only solution to our problems”. Which xool did u go to & do u know the meaning of the word “only”? There r so many solutions to our problems. Remember there r a # of countries in the world with a population of less 5 million but they’re in abject poverty, so what’s the nosense u r talking about? Do u know the population of china, japan, indonesia, usa etc?

  66. mukati mu fufuze iyeyu wayambisa mfundo less imenei ali ndi ana 10 kapena kuposela pamenepa nde ukamanena ngti zimenezi ganizila anzako ali m`mbuowa zakulephela wekha m`nyumba mwako uli zituluke ku mtundu wa amalwi ine nde ndi aswatu ngti mswati

    1. Ana anuo akadwala amafunika kupita kuchipatala komanso amafunikanso kuphuzira ndiye zonsezi ndiudindo waboma osanguti ndimasamala ndekha.

    2. Do you think your IQ is more than 5 %,Chirwa? Have you created anything on earth? Do you feed humanbeings? Your IQ is in a sorry state

    3. Mr Edward Chirwa not all children that go to school are taken care of by the government and not all people seek medical assistance from government health facilities. Others go to private institutions so why denying those people from having as many children as they wish?

    1. are u critical on ur opinion kapena yo jus goin by a general perspective that its a gud idea? that’s why I want u to tell me why u say its a gud deal?

    2. coz as far as i am concerned there are several critical but significant issues that need to be considered with an effective approach even before the policy is tabled for discussion in parliament. my question is that have av u considered any of those issues?

    3. issues like cultural beliefs having in mind that we have a diversified cultural setting in malawi, are we gona put that in consideration kapena yo willing to pish it away?, individual preferences, where as a long as one is able to provide then can produce the number of kids they like, so why limiting them?, religiously, different denominations have different views on that issue? will there be room to express their in relation to their beliefs kapena bax u jus wana let the government do what it deems necessary, but is for a right course n if u luk at it is a long term deal or jus a short term deal?

  67. Ngat azikadya kubomako ndilekeza pa awiri pompo kom ngat azidya pakhomo panga,thukuta langa ndi la amunanga ana ndikwanitsa 5

    1. chemwari…ndi zoonadi kuti anawo mukhoza kudyetsa ngakhale atakwana 6…koma nanga sukulu? kuchipatala? kumeneko kufunika anthu ena osatinso makolo.Kuli mankhwala ndi zina zotero.N’chifukwa chake akuti chiwerengero chichepe.

    2. Sinanga anawo aziphunzira pa khomo pompo. Muikaso chipatala nyumba mwanu, misewu yanu. Anawo akakula azamangaso nyumba zawo mu nyumba mwanu Momo. Lingaliranipo

  68. This is absolutely nonsense. Why don’t you say parliament must introduce a death sentence for those who steal government money? Our economy is always siphoned by stupid government leaders and all they know is to bring tough laws to Malawians. Are you telling us that if someone steals government money is it because Malawians are having more than two children? Take a look the population of China and its economy, take a look a population of Lagos city of Nigeria.

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