Government allocates 3, 000 hectares for Mega Farms


Ministry of Agriculture says mega farms have been allocated over 3,000 hectares to boost crop production in the country.

Minister responsible Sam Kawale said this in Parliament on Monday as parliament convened for mid year budget review session.

Kawale was responding to questions from members on his Ministerial statement.

“As one way to improve food security in the country, we are rolling out mega farms and funds are available,” he said.

Kawale mentioned Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Malawi Defence Force, Green Belt Authority, Mpasa Holdings as some of the institutions which has partnered with government for crop production to address food shortage.

On top of that, he said over 800 farmers will soon access funds for investment towards crop production.

The minister indicated that 60,000 hectares are already used by smallholder farmers through irtigation and is optimistic that the country will boost production.

His explanation came after members from both sides asked the minister to assure them on availability of maize in their constituencies and long term plans to address hunger in the country.

Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa demanded the statement from Minister of Finance on what government is doing to cushion malawians who are facing serious hunger after devaluation of Malawi kwacha but speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara asked him to follow standing orders when coming with such requests.

Nankhumwa said the economy is on death bed which has been caused by devaluation.

He also said devaluation caused upward increase of basic commodities in the country.

Minister of Agriculture assured members that his ministry will distribute maize in Admarc markets once it gets K1.8 billion funding from treasury.

Members are expected to continue business on Tuesday where Minister of Finance is expected to present ministerial statement on devaluation.

Members are also waiting the ministerial statement on Affordable Inputs Programme from the minister of agriculture


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