Malawians blast former protest leader Mtambo

Timothy Mtambo Malawi

Malawians have bashed former protest leader Timothy Mtambo for leading protests against the Peter Mutharika administration.

Mtambo posted a reel on Facebook showing himself working out in a gym.

Social media users have invaded the comment section on the reel to attack Mtambo and rain expletives on him, saying he convinced Malawians to vote for President Lazarus Chakwera in the 2020 presidential elections.

One commenter said n: “Koma unatilakwira kwabasi, nde bola unakatisiya komwe unatichosa kujasotu. (You wronged us, you should have left us where we were).

While another said: “Zoona mukatigubitsa ulere? Bolanso munakangotisiya ndi yemwe ujatu (You really led us into protests from which we gained nothing? You should have left us with the previous president).”

However, other commenters suggested that Mtambo is working out in preparation for protests against the Lazarus Chakwera administration following the devaluation of the Kwacha by 44 percent.

Some social media users also defended Mtambo, saying he reacted to the situation at the time and did not know that the economic situation will worsen under Chakwera.

Mtambo was leader of Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) which used to conduct demonstrations against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime.

After DPP’s Peter Mutharika was re-elected as Malawi President in 2019, the HRDC led nationwide protests against the outcome of the elections and in 2020 the High Court ruled that the country should hold fresh presidential elections.

Ahead of the 2020 polls, Mtambo joined active politics and endorsed Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance. When Chakwera was elected in June 2020, he appointed Mtambo as Minister of National Unity. Mtambo served in cabinet for close to three years and was fired in February this year.


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